Artist Pat Sargent (Studio 14), hands-on printmaking activity

The Vibrancy Initiative is the implementation of the Action Plan for Vibrancy & Sustainability at Torpedo Factory Art Center which demonstrates the City’s long-term commitment to the arts and maintaining the building as an Art Center with the highest quality artists.

On December 14, 2021, Alexandria City Council directed staff to implement the “Action Plan for Vibrancy & Sustainability at Torpedo Factory Art Center” (Vibrancy Plan).  To enact the Vibrancy Plan, the Art Center instituted the Vibrancy Initiative based on the plan.

The Vibrancy Initiative provides direction for Torpedo Factory Art Center to become a 21st century, leading arts institution with a broad and deep connection to visitors, artists, and Alexandria residents, built on equity and high performance with a curated building of artists at its heart.

Vibrancy Plan Overview

Vibrancy Plan Executive Summary

The Vibrancy Initiative includes 3 Core Strategic Directions:

  • CSD #1: Re-establish the Art Center’s Identity for a 21st Century Audience.
    • 1 ACTION: Curate a roster of public events/programs to evaluate initiatives of varied offerings to include community favorites, family friendly, media worthy, and new artistic media that promote the core role of the arts in human-wellness and creative expression, as well as championing lifelong learning.
    • 2 ACTION: Expand the artist studio program to better reflect contemporary best practices, diversity, and public interaction.
    • 3 ACTION: Expand role and impact of Target Gallery, the Art Center’s critically acclaimed contemporary art gallery the promote the core role of art in human wellness as expressed in Action 1 above.
    • 4 ACTION: Establish new Art Center attributes towards a refined identity, maintaining an independent and unique marketing strategy and tools within the larger City framework.
  • Curate the Building, with a Focus on the First Floor, for Improved Visitor Experience and Artist/Studio Program.
    • 1 ACTION: Re-design and evaluate first floor as a space to be a more exciting, interactive, hands on, accessible, and ever-changing experience for visitors.
    • 2 ACTION: Re-design and evaluate third floor to afford better use of space for a greater audience, more programs, and income potential.
    • 3 ACTION: Re-design and evaluate building to create opportunities for diversity and increasing the Art Centers role in Waterfront Small Area Plan.
  • Establish Policies and Procedures that Identify the Art Center as a High Performing Organization and Rebuild the Art Center’s Role as a Leader in the Country.
    • 1 ACTION: Develop a clear and compelling Mission and Vision for the future of the Art Center.
    • 2 ACTION: Update the Art Center’s policies, procedures, and standards, to fit external facing direction and be in line with a 21st century Art Center and allow for Art Center to operate as an entrepreneurial and fundraising organization to ensure vibrancy and sustainability within the larger City framework.
    • 3 ACTION: Plan for the next five – ten years.