As one of the original medium-specific cornerstone galleries of the Torpedo Factory Art Center on the waterfront of historic Old Town Alexandria, Scope Gallery has been providing visitors with the highest quality of clay art work since 1974.

The gallery provides a vast array of ceramics including functional artisan high-fire pottery, sculptural forms and decorative vessels. More than 30 local Washington-area artists exhibit at Scope, representing more than a dozen international regions and countries, resulting in a depth and blend of diverse forms seen nowhere else. Each artist personalizes his or her art form and technique, affording visitors the opportunity to examine endless possibilities in clay and more specific aspects of glazing, firing, construction and decorating techniques.

This premiere gallery offers examples of crystalline glazing, salt, raku and wood-fired vessels and pit and horse-hair pottery. Scope invites award-winning, nationally-known experts in the industry to jury shows, maintaining a creative cutting edge.

Scope is dynamic, continually introducing artists throughout the year, offering new work featuring an assortment of artists tuned to rotating monthly themes. Returning customers enjoy the “freshness” of displays in an engaging atmosphere, encouraging visitors to exchange ideas with creative professionals, enriching an understanding of the clay medium.

For more information about our artists and their work, visit the Scope Gallery website at, like us on Facebook at ‘Scope Gallery at the Torpedo Factory Art Center’ and follow @ScopeGallery on Twitter. We look forward to seeing you survey and shop our pots!


Bev Andrews

Artist ProfileEmail:

Linda Bernard

Words For Thought II

Larry Bowring

Clematis BlueArtist WebsiteEmail:

Anna Cavalcanti

Artist WebsiteEmail:

Lorraine Colson

Porcelain Crystalline PlatterEmail:

Christine Coyle

BirdhouseArtist WebsiteEmail:

Donna Downing

Arlington HorseEmail:

Pam Eisenmann

Studded DogEmail:

Laura Fall

Water VaseArtist WebsiteEmail:

Elizabeth Greene

Celadon VaseArtist WebsiteEmail:

Mami Grignol

Butter DishEmail:

Shirley Gromen

Breaking the SurfaceArtist WebsiteEmail:

Christine Moerenhout-Hubloue

CENTERPIECE and THE CHOIR(Handbuild Stoneware)Email:

Scott Kaye

(Handbuilt functional pottery)Artist WebsiteArtist ProfileEmail:

Stephen Lally

Shino YunomiArtist WebsiteEmail:
levin raku

Klaudia Levin

Naked Raku Vessel — PorcelainArtist WebsiteArtist ProfileEmail:

Polina Miller


Hiromi Minemura

Wave Flower VaseArtist WebsiteEmail:

Laura Nichols

Sticks and Stoneware( Stoneware)Artist WebsiteEmail:

Barbara Nowak


Roni Polisar

Woodland VaseEmail:
ratliff porcelain vessel

Yoshiko Ratliff

Smoky Gold Crystalline Vessel(Porcelain)Artist WebsiteArtist ProfileEmail:

Peggy Reichard

Fox in PaisleyArtist WebsiteEmail:

Trinka Roeckelein

Bunny and BirdArtist WebsiteEmail:

Heidi Schramm

Raku Basket, Driftwood and Waxed LinenEmail:

Ji Shin

High RideEmail:

Bikki Stricker

Crystalline Tea SetEmail:

Tracie Griffith Tso

Brushpainted Bunny Nesting DishesArtist WebsiteArtist ProfileEmail:
zelst horsehair vessel

Mia van Zelst

Horsehair VesselEmail:

Helene Vonnegut

Garden Lantern (indoor/outdoor)Artist WebsiteEmail:

Suan Ying

Serving Bowl with Incised Flower MotifEmail:
11:00 am - 6:00 pm
Monday - Friday

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Saturday - Sunday