CSD #1: Re-establish the Art Center Identity for a 21st Century Audience

  • First Annual Art & Technology event, May 12, 2022.

    1 ACTION: Curate a roster of public events/programs to evaluate initiatives of varied offerings to include community favorites, family friendly, media worthy, and new artistic media that promote the core role of the arts in human-wellness and creative expression, as well as championing lifelong learning.

    • OUTCOME:
      • b. Art and Food/Drink: Celebrate food as art in a food/drink centered event/festival, utilizing regional restaurants and or breweries.
        • ACHIEVEMENT: Hosted first annual Taste of Art festival on July 17, 2022.
      • c. Art and Technology: Implement a “when art meets technology” event that explore the contemporary intersection of art and technology, utilizing regional partners such as colleges.”
    • 2 ACTION: Expand the artist studio program to better reflect contemporary best practices, diversity, and public interaction
    • 3 ACTION: Expand role and impact of Target Gallery, the Art Center’s critically acclaimed contemporary art gallery the promote the core role of art in human wellness as expressed in Action 1 above.
      • OUTCOME:
        • a. “Establish Target Gallery a focal point within the Art Center by merging marketing efforts and public facing interaction when in the building.”
          • ACHIEVEMENT: Began exploring the centrally located New Project Studio 9 as an exhibition annex space. Find the exhibitions on the Event Page.

CSD #2: Curate the Building, with a focus on the First Floor, for Improved Visitor Experience and Artist/Studio Program

  • Phase III of New Jury Process in Future New Event Room, June 18, 2022.

    1 ACTION: Re-design and evaluate first floor as a space to be a more exciting, interactive, hands on, accessible, and ever-changing experience for visitors.

    • OUTCOME:
      • a. Identify, utilize, and upgrade space on first floor for studios/workshops with hands-on opportunities, specialized technology, and an ability to be viewed as spectacle, such as printmaking and glass making.
        • ACHIEVEMENT: Relocated Printmakers Inc. from 3rd floor to 1st floor. No artists were displaced during this process.
    • 2 ACTION: Re-design and evaluate third floor to afford better use of space for a greater audience, more programs, and income potential.
      • OUTCOME:
        • a. Identify and repurpose space to institute a large inviting flexible, technologically updated, publicly accessible/rentable lecture and event space capable of accommodating more than 100 people and hosting events during open hours that minimally disturb working artists.
          • ACHIEVEMENT: Began redevelopment of 1,829 sq ft space on 3rd floor for multiuse event space. Already being used for artist lectures, private rentals and more. No artists were displaced during this process.

CSD #3 Establish Policies and Procedures that Identify the Art Center as a High Performing Organization and Rebuild the Art Center’s Role as a Leader in the Country

  • New Banner Design, 2022.

    2 ACTION: Update the Art Center’s policies, procedures, and standards, to fit external facing direction and be in line with a 21st century Art Center and allow for Art Center to operate as an entrepreneurial and fundraising organization to ensure vibrancy and sustainability within the larger City framework.

    • OUTCOME:
      • a. Update the Operating Rules and Procedures tied to the leases to align with the CSDs.
        • ACHIEVEMENT: Beginning to hold initial discussions with artists to produce incremental changes in Operating Rules and Procedures.
      • b. Phase in a lease holder re-jurying process to ensure vibrancy and vitality based on new artist selection process addressed in CSD #1.
      • e. Test dynamic pricing for services offered, including private event rentals, premium programs/events, and studio leases, using a model similar to the City Council approved RPCA Resource Allocation and Cost Recovery Policy.
      • f. Align staff to priorities and duties determining optimal deployment of resources.
        • ACHIEVEMENT: Began reclassification process of select staff members.
    • 3 ACTION: Plan for the next five – ten years.
      • OUTCOME:
        • b. Plan and implement a marketing and branding effort, to include future new logo, signage, website, and other marketing tools, and design a marketing campaign.
          • ACHIEVEMENT: Designed and engaged vendor to install new banners on building.