The Enamelists Gallery is a cooperative of artists who practice the art of true enamel: glass fired onto metal. Using both traditional techniques such as cloisonné, and many exciting modern methods, we create enamel paintings, sculpture, jewelry, bowls, and boxes.  The Enamelists Gallery  was one of the founding studios of the Torpedo Factory Art Center.

The Enamelists Gallery is located in Studio 28 on the ground floor of the Torpedo Factory, on the left after the Union Street entrance and can be reached at 703.836.1561.


Tina Chisena

Layered pierced enamel on silver(enamel)Email:

Shelly Shen

Enamel on copper flower pendant(enamel)Artist WebsiteEmail:

Don Viehman

Cloisenne Swan with Pearl enhancer(enamel and sterling silver)Email:

Nancy Yonehiro

The purple wonders earrings(Enamel )1/2 inch longArtist WebsiteEmail:

Holly Hague

Enamel ring with spessertite in 14k(Enamel)size 6.5 usEmail:
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We are generally open Wednesday - Sunday 11- 5pm
If you want to be sure please email us at The
You can always call a real phone # 709-836-1561