Our six-person, artist-run gallery focuses on three-dimensional mediums including pottery and glass.

Seasoned makers embrace education through demonstration and instruction in clay, kilnformed glass along with traditional brushpainting and ecoprinting. Shop our handmade local mugs, bowls, plates, sculptures, jewelry and more. We offer pottery. applying techniques from raku to woodfire, crystalline-glazed to pitfired and functional, food-, microwave-, and dishwasher-safe stoneware and porcelain. Catch our creatives at work, throwing pottery on our in-studio wheel, handpainting, sculptuing, handbuilding and contributing to our artist-run small business.


Curious and creative, our artists innovate with endless combinations and mediums. 

Find the work of:

  • Tracie Griffith Tso— Chinese brushpainting, Pottery, Jewelry
  • Brian Grow— Pottery: woodfired, Sculpture
  • Scott Kaye— Pottery: tableware
  • Sandi Martina— Kilnformed Glass, Jewelry
  • Elke Seefeldt— Pottery: pit-fired, raku, woodfired, Sculpture, Eco Prints and Cards
  • Bikki Stricker— Pottery: crystalline-glazed, raku
  • March Guest Artist Mayfox— Pottery, paintingss, prints, cards, patches

Above from left: Bust by Elke Seefeldt of Arlington, Va.; Glass Rainbowls by Sandi Martina of Woodbridge, Va.; Crystalline-glazed bowl by Bikki Stricker of Falls Church, Va.; Woodfired stoneware face jugs by Brian Grow of Falls Church, Va.; Stoneware handled server by Scott Kaye of Arlington, Va.; Eco print by Elke Seefeldt of Arlington, Va.; Koi platter and brushpainted teacups by Tracie Griffith Tso of Reston, Va.


Tracie Griffith Tso

Bunny Bamboo Teaset(Stoneware)11x5x9"Artist WebsiteArtist ProfileEmail: [email protected]

Scott Kaye

Swirled Handled Platter(Stoneware)14"Artist WebsiteEmail: [email protected]

Elke Seefeldt

Natural impressed bud vases(Stoneware)4"

Sandi Martina

Seaware(Kilnformed Glass)Email: [email protected]

Brian Grow

Teabowl(Woodfired stoneware)Artist ProfileEmail: [email protected]

Bikki Stricker

Crystalline-glaze Vase(Stoneware)Artist WebsiteEmail: [email protected]
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