Wednesday – Sunday
10:30 am – 5:30 pm


Potomac Fiber Arts Gallery was Washington’s first fiber art gallery when it opened in 1974 as an original occupant of the Torpedo Factory. Our parent guild was established in 1944 and is still going strong.

Our members create original fiber art such as sculptures, wall hangings, accessories, wearables, table linens, jewelry, greeting cards and many other innovative works. Examples of skills and techniques our artists use are knitting, weaving, paper making, quilting, basketry, jewelry, hand-painting and dyeing. Our members are very active in the art community. They teach, publish, exhibit in local and national shows; many have won awards.

Every year we install eleven juried shows, each of four to six weeks duration. Our current show theme is “Origins: Ancestors, Hometown.” Click here for our complete show schedule, and to learn more about the members featured during this show.

Here’s just a sampling of our work! There is more to see on Instagram and our website.


View more images of the artwork in the current show at www.potomacfiberartsgallery.com/current-exhibition

Gallery Members

Alphabetical list of our members and their primary fiber art techniques. Many members are accomplished in several categories.

Barbara Dove, "In the Springtime" fabric collage

Barbara Dove, “In the Springtime” fabric collage

Joanne Bast: beadwork, felting, stitchery
Carol Bodin: weaving, shibori dying, knitting
Jeanne L. Bohlen: knitting, ecoprinting
Carol Brobst: weaving, knitting, fiber jewelry

Clara Graves, silk-painted garment

Clara Graves, silk-painted garment

Eileen Doughty: fiber sculpting, quilting, fiber jewelry
Barbara Dove: fabric collage, quilting
Floris Flam: quilting, dyeing
Paige Garber: sewing, felting, bead embellishments

Eileen Doughty, thread sculpture decorative teapot

Clara Graves: silk wearable art
Ina Hubiarnatarava: felting
Joan Hutten: fiber art, garments, jewelry
Joyce Keister: hand-weaving, dyed silks

Carol Brobst, woven shawl

Carol Brobst, woven shawl

Gretchen Klimoski: one-of-a-kind clothing, sashiko stitching, fiber jewelry
Mickey Kunkle: beading
Grace Mahanes: felting, knitting, jewelry design
Robin Milburn: weaving, knitting, fiber jewelry

Gladys Seaward, free-form beaded necklace

Gladys Seaward, free-form beaded necklace

Larry Novak: weaving, book art, paper art
Nancy Pollack: knitting, crocheting
Judy Porter: beaded and woven jewelry
Marla Rudnick: knitting, metal jewelry
Marisela Rumberg: eco-printing, paper mache sculptures, Zentangle quilting

Robin Milburn, woven scarf

Barbara Rushworth: knitting, crocheting, felting
Gladys Seaward: freeform beadwork jewelry
Mary Shultz: beading
Inna Skidan: felting, embroidery, sewing
Irina Smirnoff: wearable fiber art, nuno felting, wet felting

Marla Rudnick, labradorite and knit silver necklace (image by Ralph Gabriner)

Fran Spaeder: sewing, quilting, patchwork
Janet Stollnitz: weaving, dyeing, needle-felting
Merle Thompson: quilting
Aksana Tran: felting
Mary Turpin: felting, silk dyeing, fiber jewelry

March 19 - April 30:
Friday - Sunday
10:30 am to 4:30 pm

May and onward:
Wednesday - Sunday
10:30 am to 5:30 pm