Discover Graphics Atelier

Photo by Joe Gidjunis/JPG Photography

Discover Graphics Atelier, located in Studio 202, offers printmaking courses and workshops in stone and plate lithography, relief printing, collography, monotype, etching, intaglio techniques. The professional facilities allow novice and master printmakers to pursue their art in a supportive environment.

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Incorporated as a 501(c)3 nonprofit educational institution, Discover Graphics first opened in 1983, founded by Penny Barringer and Allen Kaneshiro. It has become the preferred studio for a number of printmakers across the region.

Contact: [email protected] or 703-549-1381.
Location: Studio 202

Printmaking Classes

Discover Graphics Atelier offers a variety of in-person classes, from beginners to advanced. Learn lithography, etching/intaglio, monoprints, collography, and linoleum cut techniques from master printmakers.

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Affiliate Program

Experience printmakers may apply to be affiliated artist and pay a monthly fee to cover basic supplies and equipment during open studio hours.
For information call 703-549-1381 or email [email protected].

Printing Methods

Printmaking allows an artist to transfer an image from an inked matrix onto another surface, usually paper or fabric. Multiple impressions can usually be made from the same design, except for monoprints. Learn more about printing methods.