Target Gallery is now hosting online catalogs as an in-depth virtual look into some of our most recent juried group and solo exhibitions.


Alexander D’Agostino, “Queer Shroud Grid:The Torpedo Factory”, 2023. Cyanotype and solarfast dye on cotton.

Alexander D’Agostino: A Shrine to the Forgotten
April 22 – July 29

A Shrine to the Forgotten is a solo exhibition by Baltimore-based artist Alexander D’Agostino, Target Gallery’s 2023 solo exhibition recipient. The goal of this exhibition is to bring to light hidden and often erased histories of the LGBTQ+ community with mystery, myth and magic.

Exhibition view of the 13th Annual March150. On view March 2023.

13th Annual March150 Special Exhibition and Art Sale
March 11 – April 8, 2023

March150 returns for its 13th year at Target Gallery. This special exhibition features over 150 works made by emerging and established artists in the DC-metropolitan area, made on gallery-supplied 10″ x 10″ wood panels. All works are on sale for $150.

Matthew Conradt, We Didn’t Even Count the Hours, 2019. Photo-transfer collage on Mylar.

Beyond the Frame: A Contemporary Exploration of Mixed Media Photography
January 28 – March 4, 2023
The Torpedo Factory Art Center presents Beyond the Frame: A Contemporary Exploration of Mixed Media Photography. The goal of this exhibition is to highlight how artists are experimenting with what photography is capable of beyond its traditional framed presentation on the wall.


Kamille Jackson, Healing Star, 2022. Acrylic, graphite, and house paint on wood.

2022 Post Grad Residency Exhibition
December 17, 2022 – January 21, 2023
The Torpedo Factory Art Center presents the culminating exhibition for the 2022 Post-Graduate Residency co-hort: Kamille Jackson, Mrinal Joshi, Julia O’Bryan, and Kiel Posner on view in Target Gallery.

Still from “2022 Fall Salon” on view in Target Gallery November 2022 – December 2022.

2022 Fall Salon
November 12 – December 11
The Torpedo Factory Art Center welcomes back Target Gallery’s fall art sale this year to support affordable art buying for art lovers and collectors. For this special exhibition, Target Gallery had 79 original artworks for sale by artists local to the greater DC metropolitan region.

Still from “Body Talk” exhibition, on view in Target Gallery from September – October 2022.

Body Talk
September 17 – October 30
The Torpedo Factory Art Center presents Body Talk, an all-media group exhibition themed on self-portraiture, figural work, or depictions of the self on view in Target Gallery and Studio 9. The goal for this exhibition is to explore themes of identity, culture, gender, and mental health through the expression of the physical form.

Meredith Starr, I’ve Always Wanted Blonde Hair, 2022. C-Print and Augmented Reality App.

Turning Tides
July 23 – September 17
This group exhibition explores the effects of climate change through themes of fear, grief, and resiliency over the looming environmental impacts caused by human interference.  


Willow Machado,  Just Leave It, 2022. Video Still.

Through These Eyes
June 10 – September 4
Torpedo Factory Art Center hosts the pop-up video exhibition, Through These Eyes, in Studio 9 featuring a series of videos that focuses on perspectives of underrepresented identities, including BIPOC identity, LGBTQ+ identity, and physical or mental disabilities in the form of film shorts, documentaries, and animations.


Blu Murphy, Free Lunch, 2022. Mixed media photography.

LE DRIP: The Uncontainable Sauce of Black Essence
April 23 – July 17
LE DRIP: The Uncontainable Sauce of Black Essence is a solo exhibition D.C. based artist Blu Murphy, Target Gallery’s 2022 solo exhibition recipient. The LE DRIP series is a group of mixed media portraits created as a tribute to the black community and celebrates the essence, beauty, and magic of this resilient and often undervalued group of people.

March150: 12th Annual Special Exhibition and Art Sale 
March 12 – April 10
This yearly all-media exhibition features 100+ works created and donated by artists local to Alexandria and the greater D.C. region. Emerging and established artists are shown together displayed a wide variety of styles and media. The only requirement to be on view in the exhibition is that artists use the gallery-supplied 10” x 10” wood panels to create the work. All artwork in the show is priced at $150.


Sweet Tooth
January 29 – March 6
Sweet Tooth is a group exhibition that is all about decadence, desire, and craving. Artwork will embodies this theme physically through vibrancy and the richness of color and texture.


Fanni Somogyi, Cross Species Connections, 2021. Bronze, steel, flocking.

September 11 – October 31
This exhibition is about the process of intellectual experimentation and/or the exploration of new ideas and techniques in an artist’s practice.

Mark Armbruster, 82 rolls, 397 days., 2021. Archival pigment print.

A Year In
July 24 – September 5
A Year In presents a cathartic exploration of 2020’s social upheavals as they continue into today. It provides an opportunity for artists to share their own experiences of this past year and how it’s affected their lives and practices.

Photography by Reese Bland

Ọmọlará Williams McCallister: We Too Sing America
May 29 – July 18

We, Too, Sing America consists of 1,440 muslin squares hand embroidered with a description of an everyday act of emotional labor. The squares are dyed to read “for you,” “for me,” or “for us” in white letters on an indigo background. Artist Ọmọlará Williams McCallister (pronouns: O/love/beloved) encourages visitors to tell their own stories through O’s work. Visitors can move the squares and contribute their own to the conversation. The goal is to invite interaction to create a sense of community and dialogue around healing from societal pressures and oppression.


Shannon Finnell, “Touching Photographically: Panna in Cluj,” 2020. Archival Print. On view in “Those Spaces Between Us” in Target Gallery.

Those Spaces Between Us
April 10 – May 23

This exhibition considers the distances between people and their surroundings and how that divide becomes its own character in art, history, memories, and the stories people tell about themselves.

11th Annual March150
March 13 – April 3

Target Gallery presents the 11th Annual March150 Special Exhibition and Art Sale all art sales support the Target Gallery and Torpedo Factory Art Center.

Jillian Abir MacMaster, Beatifica 2, 2020. Scanography and archival inkjet print. On view in Movements, Moments in Target Gallery.

Movements, Moments
January 23 – March 7

Target Gallery presents  Movements, Moments, an exhibition that presents a dialogue on the intersection of art and movement.


Linda Hesh, Kissing Booth (detail), 2015. On view in My Queer Valentine in Target Gallery.

My Queer Valentine
January 25–March 8

This group exhibition explores love and intimacy through a
non-heteronormative perspective.


2020 Solo Exhibition. On view in Tai Hwa Goh  in Target Gallery.

Tai Hwa Goh
June 13–July 26

Korean-born artist Tai Hwa Goh creates site-specific floral paper sculptures
that bloom, but warp over time, much like artificial selection compared to the wild.
She explores the historical, sociological, and psychological influences that
have shaped floristry and human desire to mold the environment.

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Mahsa R. Fard, Stadium II, 2019. Acrylic on Canvas. On view in 2020 Emerging Artists in Target Gallery.

2020 Emerging Artists
August 1 – September 13

Target Gallery presents 3rd annual exhibition featuring the work of four regional emerging artists. This exhibition spotlights new talent and the up-and-coming artistic innovators of the D.C. metropolitan area. Featuring artists MK BaileyMahsa R. FardZia Palmer, and Latrelle Rostant.


Virginia Maksymowicz, Panis Angelicus, 2012. Fiberglass resin and hydrostone. On view in Mythos in Target Gallery.

September 19 – October 25

Target Gallery presents Mythos, a group exhibition takes the symbolism and allegory of mythology and reinterprets them through contemporary perspectives.


Jeremy Diamond, Graellsia, 2019. Photography, nylon, silver, paint.

In My Head, In My Body
October 31 – December 13

In My Head, In My Body features artwork that delves into the human psyche to explore themes surrounding mental health and its relationship to your physical health. In My Head, In My Body challenges common misconceptions and stigmas about the topic as well as allow space for the selected artists to express their experiences, struggles, and triumphs through their work.

Vi Trinh, The Station, 2020. Netart.

Post-Grad Residents
December 19 – January 17, 2021

In this group exhibition, Target Gallery spotlights the 2020 Post-Grad Residents, displaying some of their best work they made during their three-month residencies at the Art Center. The 2020 cohort includes artists: Ashley Llanes, Luis A. Navas-Reyes, Fanni Somogyi, and Vi Trinh.



Savannah Loebig, Untitled, 2018. On view in “Ritualisms” in Target Gallery.

January 19–March 3

This group exhibition explores rituals as an intrinsic part of the human experience.


2019 Emerging Artists
April 10–June 5

This group exhibition spotlights the work of 4 emerging artists to highlight new talent
and the up-and-coming artistic innovators of the D.C. metropolitan area


Julia Kwon, No. 59 Ornamental Beings, 2019.

Julia Kwon: More Than A Body
June 14–August 4

Solo exhibition by Julia Kwon uses traditional Korean inspired textiles to create
a dialogue on othering and objectification the artist experiences as a
Korean-American woman. The work touches on her minority identity and
delves deeper into a broader commentary on the dehumanizing
and reductive process of being categorized.


Daniele Piasecki, Nature’s Right of Way – Planter of Sorts, 2017. On view in “Habitats” in Target Gallery.

August 9–September 22

“What makes a habitat a home? How are we impacting the world around us?
Is this relationship symbiotic or destructive?”
This group exhibition explores relationship between humans and habitats through the use of
diverse media, from sculpture and photography to video and virtual reality.




Image credit: 2017 Exhibition Ipseity, Simone Welsh, My Three Sisters, Hand- built porcelain and sulfuric/phosphoric acid, 2016.