Helpful Documents


  • Office Drop Box
    This form is for tenants to submit electronic copies of information for the Torpedo Factory Art Center and the Office of the Arts, such as Business Licenses, Dog Agreements, Insurance Documents, Signed Subleases, and more.
    Due: Varies
  • Sublease Request Form
    Tenants use this form to request a sublease. Once received, a sublicense will be created for the tenant to sign.
    Due: 30 days prior to start of sublease
  • Request for Leave of Absence or Hardship
    Tenants use this for to request a leave of absence, hardship request or to notify staff of time away with regard to maintaining studio hours.
    Due: As soon as possible
  • Intent to Vacate Notice
    Tenants use this form to submit official written intent to vacate notice alerting the City of Alexandria of intention to leave their studios.
    Due: 60 days notice is required
  • Studio (& Gallery) Address Sign Update Request Form
    This form is for tenants to request an update to their Address Sign, including adding a Subtenant(s).
    Due: Approximately 2 weeks in advance or as soon as possible.
  • Emergency Contact Form
    Tenants use this to provide the Office of the Arts with new or updated emergency contact information.
    Due: At the start of a new lease or whenever there has been a change in information.
  • ABC License to Landlord
    Use this form to share information about an ABC license for your space and provide details as to how you will insure it is legally executed. Per the lease, copies of any licenses, including an ABC license, are required to be provided to the Landlord.
    Due: At least one day prior to the event

Programs & Exhibitions

  • My News to Share
    Galleries and tenants use this form to share news and information to request help from the Torpedo Factory staff to elevate and highlight their own messaging.
    Due: Not applicable
  • Late Shift Information
    Tenants and groups use this form to submit information about a Late Shift program or event they will host/present. Although not required, information collected through this form will give greater potential for better sharing internally and with the public. Late Shifts happen on the second Friday of the month, 7 – 10 pm.
    Due: 2 months prior


  • Facility Use Application
    Tenants who wish to host an event or program in the common areas of Torpedo Factory Art Center, email [email protected] for a form.
    Due: 3 months prior
  • Building Occurrences
    Tenants use this form to make note of events that happen in Torpedo Factory Art Center that may affect safety or security of individuals or property. This helps us learn from happenings in the institution.
    Due: Ideally within 24-48 hours after an incident.
  • Loading Dock Reservation Request
    Tenants use this form to reserve the loading dock for up to 3 hours on a set date and time. Note: This form is not needed for normal use of the loading dock, only for extended usage.
    Due: Ideally 2 weeks prior
  • Report needed maintenance
    Tenants use this form to report things that need maintenance, such as leaking sinks, lights that are burned out, or broken windows.
    Due: Not applicable
  • Riverview Room Request Form
    Tenants who wish to use the Riverview Room (208) for an event or meeting may use this form.
    Due: 2 weeks prior