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Exhibition Dates: October 25 – November 30
Reception: Thursday, November 13 • 6-8 pm • Gallery Talk with Scott Hazard at 7pm

In a new Target Gallery exhibition, 13 artists experiment with alternative applications of traditional photographic images through a variety of work in wood, glass, fabric, and other media. The bulk of the work included in this exhibition does not consist of traditional prints. The photograph becomes the source material these artists use to create a physical object or a narrative space in an image for the viewer to explore.

Artists on view:

  • Kristin Furbeck, Hamilton, New Jersey
  • Rachel Guardiola, Baltimore, Maryland
  • Stephen Jensen, Antioch, Illinois
  • Tasha Lewis, New York, New York
  • Scott Ludwig, Boone, North Carolina
  • Barbara Milot, Turners Falls, Massachusetts
  • Jordie Oetken, Louisville, Kentucky
  • Liesl Pfeffer, Brooklyn, New York
  • Alessia Resta, New York, New York
  • Rahshia Sawyer, Sterling, Virginia
  • John Sousa, Springboro, Ohio
  • Katie Waugh, Aurora, New York
  • Adam Welch & T. Nash, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Juror Statement by Scott Hazard

The flood of images and information we experience most every day exponentially exceeds the amount of images one might have experienced in the same time frame a century ago. As images become increasingly ubiquitous, each experience we have viewing one most often relegates it to the basic material our minds use to construct the world in which we exist. In effect, images – most often made by others – comprise a significant amount of the information we use to build our understandings of society and environment as well as our goals, limitations and sense of self. Even an image a few minutes old sent via text message or posted to social media becomes part of the fabric of our own histories with which we choose to blanket ourselves. The physical reality we directly experience competes with a vast constructed world comprised more and more of other people’s images. While photographs can still exist as profound objects which capture moments, spaces or things, the bulk of the photographs we see more likely momentarily exist to capture just enough of our attention to become the building blocks of our understanding of the world.

This perspective of photographs and images existing more as material than final destination is an exciting vein in contemporary photography to mine. The work submitted for Post-Photography: Beyond the Print was an outstanding sampling of contemporary work traversing the fringes of current photographic practice. In most cases, the works selected utilized photography as a starting point from which to build something else. In pieces like Composition In Pink by Kristin Furbeck and Birth of Praxis by Brian DeLevie, glimpses of landscapes are deftly spliced with bits of other photographs through geometries and marks that engage our attention and mediate the different spaces found in the work. In handwarmth and metal by Adam Welch the photography literally adheres to its ‘site’, creating a dialogue between image and object that is both jarring and familiar. Island by Jordie Oetken features a fabricated barrier island composed of satellite images of over 150 separate coastlines with light houses where some form of human tragedy occurred. The Amethyst by Leisl Pfeffer and There, Back and There Again by Katie Waugh are fantastic examples of images being used to complete and inform three dimensional objects which are in turn constructed (conceptually if not physically) of the paper the images are printed on. Images become materials the artists build with, whether the result is a physical object or a narrative space for the viewer to explore.

Juror Bio

Scott Hazard is an artist based in Raleigh, North Carolina. He has exhibited his work at venues including CAM Raleigh, the Second Street Gallery, Flanders Gallery in Raleigh, NC, Davidson College, Roanoke College, Goucher College, Atlantic Center for the Arts, GreenHill Center for NC Art and Artspace in Raleigh, NC. In addition, his work has been featured in a number of magazines and online publications, including The Wild Magazine, Glamcult, Monster Children, BOOOOOOOM, Juxtapoz, Hi-Fructose, and Colossal. He is the recipient of a 2012-2013 Artist Fellowship in Visual Arts from the North Carolina Arts Council.

Target Gallery is the contemporary national and international exhibition space for the Torpedo Factory Art Center. The gallery hosts nine exhibitions annually–some juried, some curated–featuring a variety of themes, artists and media.


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