Trending: Contemporary Art Now! 
  Exhibition Dates: January 23, 2016 – February 28, 2016
Reception: Friday, February 5 • 6 – 8 pm • Juror Talk with Elizabeth K. Garvey at 5:45pm

Target Gallery partners with the Women’s Caucus for Art to present Trending: Contemporary Art Now! The exhibition is part of WCA’s 2016 national conference in Washington, D.C.

Trending features work by 12 self-identified women who are driving the direction of contemporary art. It offers a cross-section of media to reflect the leading edge of contemporary art, including video, collage, 3D photography, found objects, installation, and more.

Participating Artists: Blond Jenny (NY), Amy Cannestra (MS),  Sara DiDonato (NY), Blythe King (VA), Gayle Lorraine (CA), Stacy Rexrode (NC), Trina Smith (WI), Rebecca Starry (AK), Kate Walker (ID), Margi Weir (MI), Sarah West (DC), Sarah Boyts Yoder (VA)

Juror Elizabeth Garvey also chose 101 works by 52 artists for the online gallery and catalog. These images will be played on a slideshow on a monitor outside the gallery. You can also purchase a copy of the catalog here

Juror Statement by Elizabeth K. Garvey

The title of this exhibition, Trending, immediately brought to mind the #hashtag culture in which we currently find ourselves.   Virtually everything and anything that is “au courant” (“trending” as we call it now) can be quickly digested in a millisecond for less than a megabyte in our “there’s an app for that” society. We are bombarded by so much imagery and information that our time is often spent quickly scanning rather than closely looking. Spending quality t-i-m-e experiencing a work of art is an integral part of the appreciation of it, both in the moment and during the inner dialogue that lingers on after a work is truly absorbed.  I saw this exhibition as a small opportunity to reaffirm the importance of digging deeper and looking longer. Open-call juried shows are always an interesting mix, but in my experience an artist is too often represented by a single piece among a sea of many, so I created the opposite experience for the 12 artists selected.

As often as possible, I selected more than one work by each artist to give them more than a #hashtag of presence in the exhibition, and to offer the viewer a wider context for that artist’s work and a more focused visual experience. I concentrated on artists whose work seemed unified and consistent – whose entries were cohesive and of one voice.  I selected artists whose work seemed of our time, well-crafted, and of a variety of media.  Works range from installation, video, vinyl adhesive, oil on panel, collage, 3-D photography, and found objects (even live ammo!).

It was my pleasure to discover this rich group of diverse artists through this process.  I hope that together they will provide an interesting cross-section of stimulating and inspiring work by contemporary “Trending” women artists.

About the Juror

Elizabeth K. Garvey is the co-founder and owner of Garvey Simon Art Access. She has been a fine art dealer and advisor in New York City for over 20 years and leverages her professional relationships with galleries, auction houses, private dealers and artists to offer clients a relaxed entry into the often intimidating visage of the New York art world. She is a member of ArtTable, and a founding member of the New York chapter of the Association of Women Art Dealers.

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