Target Gallery is now hosting online catalogs as an in-depth virtual look into some of our most recent juried group and solo exhibitions.



Savannah Loebig, Untitled, 2018. On view in “Ritualisms” in Target Gallery.

January 19–March 3

This group exhibition explores rituals as an intrinsic part of the human experience.


“2019 Emerging Artists”
April 10–June 5

This group exhibition spotlights the work of 4 emerging artists to highlight new talent
and the up-and-coming artistic innovators of the D.C. metropolitan area


Julia Kwon, No. 59 Ornamental Beings, 2019.

“Julia Kwon: More Than A Body”
June 14–August 4

Solo exhibition by Julia Kwon uses traditional Korean inspired textiles to create
a dialogue on othering and objectification the artist experiences as a
Korean-American woman. The work touches on her minority identity and
delves deeper into a broader commentary on the dehumanizing
and reductive process of being categorized.



Coming Soon


Memento Mori

45: An Anniversary Exhibition

2019 Post-Grad Residents



Image credit: 2017 Exhibition Ipseity, Simone Welsh, My Three Sisters, Hand- built porcelain and sulfuric/phosphoric acid, 2016.