Target Gallery is now hosting online catalogs as an in-depth virtual look into some of our most recent juried group and solo exhibitions.



Linda Hesh, Kissing Booth, 2015. On view in “My Queer Valentine” in Target Gallery.

“My Queer Valentine”
January 25–March 8

This group exhibition explores love and intimacy through a
non-heteronormative perspective.


2020 Solo Exhibition. On view in “Tai Hwa Goh”  in Target Gallery

“Tai Hwa Goh”
June 13–July 26

Korean-born artist Tai Hwa Goh creates site-specific floral paper sculptures
that bloom, but warp over time, much like artificial selection compared to the wild.
She explores the historical, sociological, and psychological influences that
have shaped floristry and human desire to mold the environment.

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Mahsa R. Fard, “Stadium II”, 2019. Acrylic on Canvas. On view “2020 Emerging Artists” in Target Gallery

“2020 Emerging Artists”
August 1 – September 13

Target Gallery presents 3rd annual exhibition featuring the work of four regional emerging artists. This exhibition spotlights new talent and the up-and-coming artistic innovators of the D.C. metropolitan area. Featuring artists MK BaileyMahsa R. FardZia Palmer, and Latrelle Rostant.



Virginia Maksymowicz, “Panis Angelicus”, 2012. Fiberglass resin and hydrostone. On view in “Mythos” in Target Gallery.

September 19 – October 25

Target Gallery presents “Mythos”, a group exhibition takes the symbolism and allegory of mythology and reinterprets them through contemporary perspectives.





Savannah Loebig, Untitled, 2018. On view in “Ritualisms” in Target Gallery.

January 19–March 3

This group exhibition explores rituals as an intrinsic part of the human experience.


“2019 Emerging Artists”
April 10–June 5

This group exhibition spotlights the work of 4 emerging artists to highlight new talent
and the up-and-coming artistic innovators of the D.C. metropolitan area


Julia Kwon, No. 59 Ornamental Beings, 2019.

“Julia Kwon: More Than A Body”
June 14–August 4

Solo exhibition by Julia Kwon uses traditional Korean inspired textiles to create
a dialogue on othering and objectification the artist experiences as a
Korean-American woman. The work touches on her minority identity and
delves deeper into a broader commentary on the dehumanizing
and reductive process of being categorized.


Daniele Piasecki, Nature’s Right of Way – Planter of Sorts, 2017. On view in “Habitats” in Target Gallery.

August 9–September 22

“What makes a habitat a home? How are we impacting the world around us?
Is this relationship symbiotic or destructive?”
This group exhibition explores relationship between humans and habitats through the use of
diverse media, from sculpture and photography to video and virtual reality.



Coming Soon

Memento Mori

45: An Anniversary Exhibition

2019 Post-Grad Residents



Image credit: 2017 Exhibition Ipseity, Simone Welsh, My Three Sisters, Hand- built porcelain and sulfuric/phosphoric acid, 2016.