Anna Yakubovskaya was born in St. Petersburg, Russia, a vibrant city beside the banks of the Neva River. Growing up, she was exposed to a variety of cultures and artistic influences of former Soviet Republics. Through fine and applied arts, literature, and performance, the arts have been interwoven through her life from a young age. She attended high school with an artistic focus, afterwards completing a degree in industrial design at the St. Petersburg Art and Industry Academy, formerly known as V.I. Mukhina.
Anna worked in illustration, stage design for children’s theatre, and taught art classes, meanwhile raising three children and moving to the United States. She was finally able to return to her joy of working with textiles about ten years ago, focusing on batik, a technique in silk painting. She now lives in Alexandria, Virginia, bringing her ideas to life at the Torpedo Factory Art Center. Her studio overlooks the Potomac River—though the scene is different from her home, there is a certain familiarity of city life by the water.