Having spent 20+ years in front of a computer for Corporate America while raising a very artistic daughter, my artistic expressions didn’t start kicking in until 2006. I started with handmade one-of-a-card greeting cards which are now being sold in stores, online and at vendor shows.

Then in 2008, I started creating 2D and 3D mixed media artwork, using found objects, especially items headed towards the landfill. I keep coming up with creative ways of looking at and using unusual objects, and wondering what I will create next! Sometimes, it's the material that inspires me, sometimes it is a concept or a title that I want to 'fit' a piece into, sometimes it just creates itself as I move things around.

I use materials in very interesting ways. Who knew there could be so many different ways to use VCR tape, CDs, floppy discs or circuit boards? My work has been called high-concept, minimalist, one-of-a-kind ... not sure what to call my style but I call it fun!