I create contemporary cloisonné jewelry and framed cloisonné wall pieces. By paying careful attention to detail in cloisonné enameling, I produce intricate designs and patterning, with vivid color and soft shading effects. Each highly polished cloisonné piece for jewelry is encased in an individually hand-fabricated setting using a combination of 14K, 18K, and 22K gold and/or Sterling silver. The result is a unique and personal form of jewelry. Imagery ranges from figurative to abstract. Larger pieces are framed.

I have been creating cloisonné jewelry since 1979, exhibiting my work in shows, exhibitions, and galleries, as well as teaching and providing workshops for both experienced and beginning enamelists. The overall price of my work ranges from $250 to $3000.

My studio hours are 11am - 6pm Wednesday through Friday.