Botter Dish

Sea Otter high-fire stoneware covered Botter dish with sculpted detail...
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Siamese cat tea cups

Underglaze brushpainting of siamese cats on brown stoneware tea bowls...
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Bunny Bamboo teaset

Underglaze brushpainting on white stoneware 11" x 7"
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Koi wine chiller

Underglaze brushpainting on white stoneware 12" x 5"
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Peony hummingbird platter, before/after

Underglaze brushpainting on white stoneware 10" x 16"
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Panel of Pandas

Pandas with bamboo and blossoms painted on wood panel. 8″...
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Pottery stimulates the senses tactually and visually, creating a unique connection with a viewer. A piece of nature-based fine artwork one can meditate on as well as use everyday is a true artistic gem.

Tracie Griffith Tso painted her first bamboo brushstrokes on rice paper at age 12 in a brushpainter’s studio in California. She specializes in spontaneous Chinese flower-bird painting, with her growing repertoire focused on traditional subjects including red-capped cranes, pandas, golden carp, horses, bamboo, rabbits and flowers of all types. Each piece is an original composition on handmade high-fire stoneware.

A native Californian, Griffith Tso has taught and lectured about Chinese brushpainting nationwide. The artist and her husband reside in Reston, Va. along with her workshop rabbit, Willow.

Shop her work on Etsy Follow her on Instagram @traciegriffithtso