Marcos Teixeira spent many years in his native Brazil in the business of selling precious and semi-precious gemstones. As a certified gemologist, he often visited mines identifying and evaluating the raw elements of beautiful jewelry. Moving to the New York City, Teixeira studied jewelry making at the Fashion Institute of Technology, preferring to work with the stones himself to create one-of-a-kind jewelry. Modeling each piece in hard wax, he perfects a unique design before forging in silver, gold or platinum. The gems and stones he works with come from all over the world - some in his collection for long periods of time just waiting for the right inspiration from the natural world to be transformed into works of wearable art.

His education as a civil engineer impacted his eye for proportion and scale. Creating models in hard wax lead to larger scale models of figures. In recent years Teixeira has expanded his creative sphere to sculpting in alabaster, terra cotta and marble. Each piece is a story revealed after layer upon layer has been removed to show a unique vision by the artist.

Teixeira has been a member of the Torpedo Factory Art Center since 1996.