The Clump

Archival Pigment Print 9.8×17.5
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Skeleton Trees

Archival Pigment Print 13.3×20
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Zabriskie Point Sunrise

Archival Pigment Print 10.5×15.8
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Tress & Fence

Archival Pigment Print 8.5×17.5
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Archival Pigment Print 8.9×17.5
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Monumental Cloud

Archival Pigment Print 21×21
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I am a Washington, D.C. area fine art photographer specializing in color, black and white and infrared landscape photography, from the U.S. and abroad. I enjoy expansive as well as intimate landscapes, but there was always something within the scene that excited me. When not photographing landscapes, I am attracted to subjects that convey a strong sense of light, lines, shapes and geometry.

I am passionate about photography; not just the finished photograph, but also the process of visualizing, capturing, processing, and then creating the final print. I want the viewer to be moved or intrigued by what they see, regardless of whether their reaction is exactly the same as what motivated me to press the shutter release. My goal is to present images that stimulate more than our sense of sight, but to also evoke our emotion and imagination. Through my photographs, I am showing what I saw, but often more importantly, what I felt.

When processing photographs, manipulation is kept to a minimum and I do all of my own printing using archival pigmented inks on archival papers. All prints are available in a variety of sizes, are signed and are accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity, indicating the photograph’s title, location, size, paper and ink used in printing, and if not framed, suggestions about archival framing.

My work is available at Multiple Exposures Gallery in the Torpedo Factory Art Center (703) 683-2205 and by appointment, at my studio and gallery in Bethesda, Maryland (301) 365-5177.