Inlaid trompe l’oeil brooch

sterling silver, onyx, agate, marble, howlite
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Inlaid earrings

18k gold, onyx, jasper, citrines
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Lathe turned wedding bands

18k yellow gold, 14k white gold, diamond
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14k white gold, diamonds
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nlaid wedding bands

I 18k gold, onyx and jasper
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I am a jewelry designer with over thirty years of experience and have maintained my studio in the T.F. since 1974. My designs are bold, geometric, and often asymmetric. The materials that I work in include gold, silver, platinum, diamonds and other precious gemstones and inlaid semi-precious stones. I do custom work, specializing in wedding and engagement rings. Many of my pieces are intarsia (stone inlay) and include small items such as boxes, in addition to jewelry.
My work is shown throughout the U.S. and has recently been exhibited in Moscow, Russia, and Seoul, South Korea. I've won numerous awards including First Prize in the American Gem Trade Association Spectrum competition for gemstone design in North America. I've also been featured in books on jewelry design and many magazines in the U. S. and abroad. Some of my non jewelry pieces are currently part of the State Department Arts in Embassies program.

The price range of my work is approximately $250-$20,000, with the photographed items ranging from $600-$3000.