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Combining the artistry of bespoke-couture with the accessibility of prêt-à-porter,...
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Combining the artistry of bespoke-couture with the accessibility of prêt-à-porter, A.Oei Studio offers a contemporary women's clothing line customizable to the client's specifications. As a self-contained atelier, A.Oei Studio designs silhouettes and fabric artwork, sources sustainable materials, drafts paper patterns and sews the apparel to completion. Altogether this end-to-end craft results in a product-experience that is unique, timeless and versatile.

A native of Singapore, Angeline trained at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute in the Netherlands where she developed techniques in creative 3D pattern cutting, apparel and textile design. Angeline further honed industry knowledge as a fashion designer for luxury womenswear brands in Antwerp, New York, and Singapore.

Drawing inspiration from these diverse cultural experiences, Angeline aims to enhance the life-cycle of clothing and re-contextualize the meaning of fashion for the modern woman. In 2017, A.Oei Studio was launched in Seattle as a fashion and textile design atelier. Today, A.Oei Studio is located in Alexandria / D.C., where Angeline continues to innovate a sustainable craft.