I am a fine art photographer who is obsessed with color, and this deeply influences my work. (My favorite color is all of them!) I am in love with travel photography, but truthfully can be inspired by practically anything — whether it is a special door, a beautiful landscape, an abstraction, an old car, or a small detail. I firmly believe that even "ugly" can be fascinating and beautiful if you look at it the right way. Most of my work has a painterly feel, and I am at my best and most creative when I am abroad. My favorite thing to do is to go to neighborhoods where there are no tourists and people think I’m lost. THAT is where the magic is found! I can’t wait to discover it with you.​

I am an extrovert, and love talking to people about art and travel! If you are inspired by what you see and live near Washington DC, please come visit me in Studio 303! I would love to see you there!