#59 acrylic and pumice on canvas 60″ x 48″
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It’s Magic

#58 acrylic on canvas  60″ x 48″
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Little Prince II

#53 acrylic and pumice on canvas  36″ x 36″
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Let’s Dance

#22 Diptych 36″ x 36″ Acrylic on canvas
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#89 48″ x 60″ Acrylic and pumice on canvas
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I try to impart a meditative yet an exciting quality with my painting. As I paint I do not start out with a clear vision, but I deliberate with each stroke and color. I am told that my works are paintings with a historical awareness. Using a sometimes bold but generally muted palette of earth and rust tones, my paintings evoke surfaces marked by the passing of time. I underlay the surface of the canvas with many types of texture to see how colors will react as they mix and form new surfaces to evoke crumbling, peeling, and fraying materials.

I reside in Bethesda, MD where I have a studio in my home. I'm a former member of the Foundry Gallery in Washington DC., have exhibited in numerous solo and group shows, won awards, and my work is in private and corporate collections in the United States and Europe.

I make abstract diptychs and triptychs measuring as much as 60″ x 144,” which make a strong statement in large homes, offices, hotels, or apartment building lobbies. Prices range from small works $150 to $700 and most large works are $1,200 to $8,000. If you are interested in my work, please contact me.