Nathan Leibowitz is a Philadelphia native who holds a B.S. degree from Drexel University. Nathan was greatly influenced both genetically and stylistically by his father, noted architect Lanny Louis Leibowitz. His childhood fascination with the quickly executed hand drawn plans on his father's drafting table made a lasting impression, and has contributed to his own mastery of architectural illustrations.

Through his graphite and ink illustrations, Nathan combines the discerning eye of an architect with the compassion of a naturalist. He is also an ardent lover of shapes found in nature; his passion for both flora and fauna is evident in many of his pieces, notably "George Washington's Osage Orange Tree". One of his goals is to share this appreciation of the natural world from his perspective.

When he is not drawing or painting, Nathan enjoys exercising, volunteering his time helping others less fortunate than himself, and visiting the historic sites scattered throughout the Washington DC and Virginia suburbs where he resides with his wife Jane Fett.