Night Watch

Acrylic on Paper 26″ x 40″
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Acrylic & Graphite on Paper 22" x 30"
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Acrylic on Paper 22" x 30"
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Shapes in the Dark

Acrylic on Paper 26" x 40"
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Acrylic & Graphite on Paper 26" x 40"
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Acrylic Mixed Media on Paper 40” x 26”
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My paintings draw upon the decades I’ve spent as an architect. Drawing is my primary tool of communication. Different lines have different meanings-centerlines, grid lines, contour lines, etc. I use line patterns to indicate different materials, symbols to convey content.

My paintings incorporate both collaged images as well as the hand drawn. I work primarily on paper, initially in graphite or charcoal, creating many layers in acrylic paint or collage, scratching through to find the original structure below. This process parallels my love of the ‘bones’ of a building; what is behind the walls, under the flooring to the steel and concrete or wood structural frame.

My work has been shown in several juried, solo and invitational shows and is in several private and corporate collections throughout the United States, Europe and Australia and the United States State Department.