"Fountain Urn"

Model for Bronze investment casting White high fired stoneware Oxidized...
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Bronze fountain sculpture Pompeian blue patina. Ca. 67" high
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"Golden Lion"

Bronze fountain sculpture, spouting Golden fired patina Ca. 18" dia...
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"Oriental Water Poppy"

Bronze fountain sculpture Silver nitrate patina Ca. 12" dia. x...
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"Sea Anemone"

Bronze fountain sculpture Multi-colored patina Ca. 20" dia. Red-dragon granite...
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"Coq Bleu"

Bronze fountain sculpture Fired acrylic patina Ca. 30" wide x...
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Jolande Goldberg specializes in garden sculpture, water features, and architectural elements for landscapes and garden settings. She perceives water as an integral design component of her work. The theme of her work is Fountains - the elegant reminiscence of the artistic European garden tradition. In our shrinking environment, the visual quality of space becomes increasingly important. Water and fountains add to that visual quality as an integral part of landscape and garden design. Customized fountains in bronze, ceramic, and stone for intimate garden settings have become her hallmark.

Goldberg accepts commissions from private clients and landscape designers (See Commissions Page).

Goldberg publishes and lectures widely in the U.S. and Europe on the aesthetic aspects of art as it relates to nature. As a promoter of garden art, she has conducted seminars, courses and symposia panels for the Smithsonian Resident Associate Program, Museum for Women in the Arts, Botanical Gardens, Horticultural Societies, and for landscape architect groups. Her work has been exhibited internationally and widely reviewed and published in the media, such as Time-Life Books, Brooklyn Botanical Garden Record, Ceramics Monthly, and in European professional Art Magazines.

She was born in Germany and educated and trained as lawyer and artist at the Universities of Munich and Heidelberg; Goldsmith College, School of Art and Design, London; and Georgetown University. She is a charter member of the Torpedo Factory Art Center, Alexandria, Virginia, and has served many years on the Board of Directors of the Friends of the TFAC. Her legal scholarship is applied in her daily work for the Library of Congress where she is nationally recognized as designer of classification systems for foreign and international law. Her biography is included in Marqui's Who's Who in American Women and in the Dictionary of International Biography.