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Pastel on Sanded Paper 22" X 28"
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Amethyst Sunset

Pastel on Sanded Paper 28" X 26"
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The Aviatrix

Pastel on Sanded Paper 35" X 60"
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The interaction of light, layers, the geometry of shape, texture, transparency, and what lies beneath the surface of my subject matter form the nexus of my work. An exaggerated color palette and dramatic contrasts provide a heightened sense of reality. I am primarily a pastel painter, with an occasional foray into working with the brush and oil paints. Each medium enhances the other, and the work and the process are ever evolving. Curiosity and an intuitive response to mood and emotion in the subject matter push me towards my own interpretation in each piece.

The Figurative Dress Series explores multiple social, gender, psychological and spiritual connotations while embodying the presence of the female form. While the dress is an iconic symbol of femininity, these figures transcend the obvious. The figurative dresses exist in a meditative space, taking center stage, demanding inspection. They stir musings of spiritual beings, exhibiting a life force without the need for a human body. Or, they question what may have happened to the woman who wore the dress. The figures exist in a minimalist environment, allowing them to move within boundless space that has been stripped of unnecessary distraction. Viewers are invited to question what is set before them, and complete the remainder of the narration based upon their own connection with the feminine and their own histories. The series questions the feminine form, societal expectations, and our preconceived ideas of what lies beneath the surface of imagery and existence.

Landscapes, evoking memories of the Outer Banks of North Carolina, focus on the poetics of space and time lived on these barrier islands. The majority of these pieces portray dramatic, and sometimes dream like moments of warm, rich coastal days over the Currituck Sound. Recalling a heightened sense of sight, sound and fragrance unique to the area, this series invites the viewer to experience the islands in an expanded way.

My work has been featured in solo exhibitions, group shows and has been collected both nationally and internationally. Juried awards and critically acclaimed reviews of my work, most notably, the Figurative Dress Series, may be reviewed on my website.