Four Points

acrylic/roofing 44"x60"
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Cipher Stripe

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Gladioli Assemblage

encaustic/acrylic/tiles 35"x49"
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Core Stripe

encaustic/metal/acrylic 41"x13" each
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Outer Core Series

encaustic/copper/acrylic 23"x12"
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At the Core: 19

encaustic/copper/acrylic 32"x26"
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Laurie Fields' combination of various collage materials, textures and acrylic paint produce abstract paintings and ceramics suitable for both residential and commercial settings. Her work is in the Vanderbilt collection, as well as those of IBM, General Foods, Westinghouse, Adolpho, Geico, Helmsley-Spear and the Hyatt Regency.

Laurie received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Hartford, and was a recipient of a grant from the Connecticut Commission on the Arts. Over 50 of her images have been published as posters and are distributed worldwide. Magazine coverage includes Cosmopolitan, Designer, Interior Design and Home Entertainment.