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Stainless steel coral reef symbolizing the ultimate purity of an...
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My art creation process starts with an interview and research into a subject. These steps are separate, but overlap and each is tailored based on the project. The “interview” can be my own internal narrative where I consider the emotions, details, and guidelines I would like to include in my new creation, or that conversation can include a client who summarizes their own criteria for the project -it depends on who the artwork is ultimately for. The research portion can vary as well; it can be intense observations of nature or more formal searches through texts, photographs and experiences -such as visiting the space where the sculpture will be displayed and learning about the site’s history. As research is collected, concepts start to form in my mind. They are captured through sketches and models; each is continually contrasted against all the goals of the project. The concepts and elements that are collected are artistically combined until they begin to form into a meaningful sculpture. The skills and materials I use to create the final full-sized sculpture vary greatly based on other guidelines for the project such as aesthetic style, budget, display location, size, etc. The materials and processes I might use range from hand-sculpting terra-cotta clay to designing digital patterns for cutting stainless steel.