Flickering Flame

Steel and Stainless Steel 9’ H
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Midnight Moonlight

Glazed Aluminum and Painted Panel 38"H x 42"W
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Potomac Dawn

Glazed Aluminum and Painted Panel 42"H 40"W
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The Arch Bishop

Plaster Copies For Bronze Casting 20” H
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Hydrocal 31"H x 52" W
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The Journey

Terra-Cotta 14" H
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I sculpt in a wide variety of materials; terra-cotta clay, limestone, cement, plaster, bronze stainless steel and other metals. I have completed custom artwork for local homes, businesses, and organizations including The U.S. Treasury and the U.S. Olympic Team. If you are interested in custom artwork, please see the “Commissions” page of this website for more information.

My education was as an industrial designer rather than a sculptor. But rather than this being a "negative" in my life as an artist, I would say this gives me several advantages over “traditionally-trained” artists. I have worked for one of the top iron-works in America, designed for DuPont Medical Products, XEROX, Boeing Helicopters and NASA. Later, I transitioned to focus more on graphic design and marketing, working for many companies in the DC and NOVA high-tech community. Through this varied and unusual career path, I was exposed to a wide variety of building techniques, manufacturing processes, science, materials, research and design challenges. This experience has provided to me the skills and knowledge base that I draw upon daily as I design and create artwork.

You will see that I have many samples of what would be considered “realistic” styled figurative artwork. But my portfolio also contains more modern-style metal sculptures, influenced by my design career –see samples in the “gallery two” link on this page or for more please see the “Large Projects” gallery on my personal website.