I was a Navy wife inspired by the culture of the Southern folk artists whose work expresses great freedom and spontaneity. I also love their use of “found objects”. I find a reverence in admiring an object created by another soul at another time. I disdain how we so easily discard an object that someone else’s life was devoted to making. So, I incorporate those objects into my work and give them a contemporary value. I think of my art as part of my religion in that I believe I am connecting with the creator when I am creating. I use my creative energy to make happy beautiful things even if while making them I am feeling quite the opposite. I call it “the conversion” where regardless of any emotion I may have or the original state of an object, I am actually able to convert it into what seems to be a fabulously happy piece of art. This concept gives me great optimism in life and assures me that accountability for our creations is the point of life.

Because my work unanimously inspires people to say that it is “happy’, I create an array of decorative items: furniture, vases, paperweights, mirrors, boxes and chests or other private commissions to create a happy vibe in my customer’s homes. Examples of a wider array of my work are available for sale in my Etsy store Http://sissysolkart.etsy.com. You can also view more of my work, archives, and a video on my website www.sissysfolkart.com.