The many variations in the firing process give each piece of pottery its unique character. Most of Susan’s pottery is wheel-thrown, using either stoneware of porcelain clays. Many of the pieces are glazed with variations of Shino glaze, a Japanese glaze dating from early in the 17th century. After glazing, the pots are high-fired in a gas-fired reduction kiln to which wood and charcoal are added, or in a wood-burning kiln; sometimes pieces are double-fired, and both types of kilns are used. The fire is the unifying element in Susan’s work. The transient effects of the flames are “frozen” on the pieces, which embody the physical changes that they have undergone.

Susan envisions making pottery as a way of sharing, and hopes that people who use her pots share the enjoyment that she felt in making them. Pots should invite one to use and feel them. Each pot develops a story, like a favorite cereal bowl or a tea bowl that is used for many years, and is surrounded by memories.

Susan is a member of the Hollin Hills Potters at the Torpedo Factory. She currently teaches classes for adults at The Art League School in Alexandria. Her work is in private collections across the United States. The pieces range in price from $30 to $350.