Due to the mission and public nature of the Art Center, there are expectations for artists on engaging with the public and working within a community of artists. Accepted applicants shall follow rules of the Lease and Operating Rules and Procedures. These rules and procedures are subject to change with notice.
Additionally, accepted artists shall be required to obtain a City of Alexandria business license and renter’s insurance. Art Center staff can help advise on this process.

Read the Operating Rules and Procedures

Of note in the Operating Rules and Procedures, leaseholders are required to:

  • Maintain time requirements for open studio hours for the public to watch you work, ask question, or make purchases.
  • Use the studio as a working space to produce work, not as a gallery.
  • Engage the public, staff, and other artists, with courtesy and respect.
  • Maintain minimum noise only consistent with the working process.
  • Work with the Art Center staff regarding any hazardous activities or material.
  • Obtain any required permits for special equipment such as kilns or welding equipment.
  • Maintain a clean and safe working environment.
  • Studio assistants are permitted, but do not count towards open studio hours if the artist(s) is not there.
  • Monitor children that artists bring to the studio.
  • Not use the public space as an extension of their studio.
  • Share any security alarm codes with the Art Center staff.