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Subleasing at Torpedo Factory Art Center

The term “Pro Tem” is short for “Pro Tempore”, which is a Latin phrase that roughly translates to “for the time being.”

Applicants who are not accepted for a three-year lease as a Resident Artist may be selected as an Artist Pro Tem and are eligible to sublease. Applicants may also apply directly into Artist Pro Tem pool if they do not want to commit to a three-year lease. Check the box on the online application to indicate your interest in subleasing if not selected as a Resident Artist. Select the Artist Pro Tem Only choice if it’s your primary interest.

To become eligible for Artist Pro Tem status, applicants must complete all three (3) phases of the application and score a minimum of 70 out of 100 points. Eligibility will last for a minimum one year. As an Artist Pro Tem, you may be invited to sublease with Resident Artists in their studios at various points in the year. Artist Pro Tems also can participate in Art Center public programs and exhibitions, have an artist profile listing on and use the name “Torpedo Factory Art Center” when promoting oneself.

Your name will also be added to an eligibility list to lease a studio, should one become available within a year of your application. If a studio becomes available between annual jury cycles, the Artist Pro Tem with the highest score on the application, but did not get a studio, will be first to be offered the open studio for the remaining months as a Resident Artist. The studio then would be included in the jury cycle in the following year. To remain in that studio with a three-year lease as a Resident Artist, the artist would need to apply through the jury and would be treated as the incumbent artist for the studio.

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Applications closed on April 19, 2022.
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