Rosemary Luckett, in her most recent mixed media drawings, creates a lively interplay between real and surreal expression. She pairs the unexpected: plastic bottles with the ocean's King Neptune, forks spearing the Earth, and frogs with microphones. Each piece is built around a single real or symbolic object or group of items that seem unrelated to each other. Like Rene Magritte, who painted "the apparent visible and the hidden visible--which, in nature are never separated", Luckett's work points to something invisible hiding in something more obviously visible.

The fun for Luckett is in trying out unusual combinations of forms and solving the mysteries of the links between them. Finely honed technique and a strong concern for the environment pair up with a personality characterized by a questioning bent and a sense of humor to form these stories of the American landscape and our consumption of it.

A TFAA Associate, Luckett teaches at the Art League School in Alexandria, has over 32 years of studio experience in painting, collage, and sculpting. She has exhibited in the Woman Made Gallery (Chicago, IL), Hoyt Institute of Art (New Castle, PA), National Museum of Women in the Arts and Catholic University in Washington, DC, Delaplaine Art Center and Tevis Gallery in MD, Grounds For Sculpture (NJ), Visions Gallery (Albany, NY), Target Gallery, Art League Gallery, several university galleries, and numerous other venues around the country. She is represented byTouchstone Gallery, Washington, DC.

2-D work ranges in price from $80 to $1800. Sculptures range from $350-$2000