Garden Path

33″ x 50″ Screen printed cotton, machine stitched
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Shibori Collar #3

Shibori hand dyed silk organza and habotai
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Candace Edgerley's current work explores the inherent qualities of silk organza and the possibilities presented by using Shibori dye techniques to color and transform the fabric as well as digital photographs printed directly onto the silk. Using the smocking pleater as a tool to create shallow pleats in the silk, the fabric is drawn up tightly on threads to create areas between the pleats which resist the dye. By folding and creasing the silk as it goes through the pleater, the precise patterns split and divide into random patterns and directions. The cloth that emerges from the dye bath creates opportunities to cut and piece the small windows of light and movement which are then framed by tiny French seams. Process driven, the possibilities of this technique and fabric continue to capture her interests.

In addition to the wall pieces, Edgerley also uses a wide range of techniques to dye and paint fabric which is used to construct jackets and scarves. She teaches these techniques at the Corcoran College of Art + Design, Washington, DC and at The Art League, Alexandria, VA.