Tanya Davis' watercolors often focus on subjects with reflective qualities. " I'm drawn to things that have no color of their own but take on their surroundings, and to things that you can both look at, and look into or through. That duality appeals to me". Her still lifes feature glass bowls holding treasures, silver vessels, porcelain cups of hot tea, lacquer ware or glossy fruit. Koi ponds and water surfaces continue the overarching theme of reflective surfaces.

Tanya also works with Japanese seed beads to create hand-stitched bracelets and miniature treasure boxes. Tanya graduated from Florida State University in 1981 with a Bachelor's in studio art, and has been a professional artist since 1990. Tanya's works hang in over 400 corporate and private collections around the country. To see more work, please visit www.tanyadaviswatercolors.com.