Circle of Life

etched wide copper cuff with patina and high polish
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Enamel and steel wire on copper. Silver wire travels through...
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Portrait Pendant

Fine silver cloisonne, vitreous enamel, 24k foil, set in sterling
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The design and creation of the work I do is an intimate, dynamic process. Whether beginning with a preconceived design or testing out new ideas, I recognize when a piece starts to define itself and to work with that energy.
While I love working with metal, the luminosity of transparent glass fascinated me when I discovered vitreous enamel. My choice of using enamels provides the platform for much experimentation, which for me, keeps the creative process fresh and exciting.
Most of my work is in the cloisonné genre, a highly labor intensive process. However, after completing several cloisonné pieces, I find freedom and vigor in hammering and forming metal. The experience of fold forming allows for the creation of more sculptural metalwork. The combination of cloisonné and sculptural metalwork is a new direction I am currently exploring.
I find nature provides the perfect subject matter for creating with shimmering, transparent enamels. From the obviously beautiful to the unsettling, there is no¬¬ end to the opportunities for interpreting nature’s creations with metal and enamels.
The metal work that is part of the pieces I make is as important as the enamel work, I believe. I’m continually learning and experimenting with new metal techniques. Together the two support and enrich the viewers experience.