Multiple Exposures Gallery (MEG) presents outstanding fine art photography in an intimate gallery setting in the Torpedo Factory Art Center in Alexandria, VA.  Founded in 1985, MEG has been recognized as metropolitan Washington’s preeminent gallery for fine art photography for more than three decades.

Offering the work of acclaimed photographers recognized for their excellence in contemporary fine art photography, MEG exhibits photographic art in every genre, including landscape, figurative studies, documentary photography, still life, conceptual, abstract, and alternative processes.  New exhibitions are presented every six weeks.

MEG is leading forum for artistic exchange, appreciation and education. The gallery fosters collaboration and learning through talks with nationally recognized curators, artist presentations, and portfolio reviews.

“Multiple Exposures Gallery is a showcase to view quality fine art photography produced in our community. I have always been impressed with the professionalism, variety, and quality of photographic images exhibited at Multiple Exposures Gallery. I encourage you to visit Multiple Exposures Gallery located in the Torpedo Factory Art Center of Old Town Alexandria. Absorb the unique vision of these 15 photographers. Through their eyes you will experience a moment in time, which you might not otherwise have seen. Enjoy their vision.”   

Kathleen Ewing, Director, Kathleen Ewing Gallery


Michael Borek

Untitled(Archival print)Artist WebsiteArtist Profile

Soomin Ham

Song of Family(Archival print)Artist WebsiteArtist ProfileEmail:

Colleen Spencer Henderson (Emeritus)

Lone Tree, Inishnee.(Pigment Print)Various SizesArtist WebsiteArtist ProfileEmail:

Eric Johnson

Sunrise Shadows(Pigment Print)Artist WebsiteArtist ProfileEmail:

Karen Keating (Emeritus)

(B/W Ink Jet Print )Artist WebsiteArtist ProfileEmail:

Sandy LeBrun-Evans

Cuba Cruisin'(Archival Pigment Print)Artist WebsiteArtist ProfileEmail:

Alan Sislen

Untitled(Archival Pigment Print)Artist WebsiteArtist ProfileEmail:

Clifford Wheeler

Costa Brava(Pigment Print)Various sizes

Fred Zafran

Waiting(Archival Pigment Print)Artist WebsiteArtist ProfileEmail:

Tim Hyde

(Archival Pigment Print)Artist WebsiteEmail:

Janet Matthews

Untitled(Palladium Print)Artist WebsiteEmail:

Sarah Hood Salomon

(Archival print)Artist WebsiteEmail:

Tom Sliter

Untitled(Archival Pigment Print)Artist WebsiteEmail:

Matt Leedham

Untitled(Archival Pigment Print)Artist WebsiteEmail:

Valerie Makepeace

Untitled(Archival print)Artist WebsiteEmail:

Danny Conant (Emeritus)

UntitledArtist WebsiteArtist ProfileEmail:

Francine Livaditis

Untitled(Archival print)Artist WebsiteArtist ProfileEmail:
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