The Associates Gallery, TAG,  is the newest gallery to open at the Torpedo Factory Art Center.  The gallery was formed in January 2015 following its endorsement by the Board of the Torpedo Factory Artists Association (TFAA).

For the first time, visitors can view the extraordinary art of the many juried artists who do not have permanent studio space at the Torpedo Factory.

Every month, TAG features a new exhibit with different art work so there is always something new to see.  TAG members include artists of all genres.  Whether it’s textiles, painting, photography, ceramics or sculpture, you can find it in one of TAG’s monthly exhibits.

Stay tuned to the TFAC Calendar for upcoming shows and events.



Erika Cleveland

Tumnus but not a Faun(Fiber Art)Artist WebsiteArtist ProfileEmail:

Val Proudkii

The Umbrellas(Photography)Artist WebsiteArtist ProfileEmail:

Jo Ann Tooley

Cherry Trees(Photography)Artist WebsiteArtist ProfileEmail:

Richard Greenway

Deadpool Boosh(oil painting )24 X 30 inches Artist WebsiteArtist ProfileEmail:

Hyun Jung Kim

(Sculpture)Artist WebsiteArtist ProfileEmail:

Paulette Warwick

(Jewelry)Artist WebsiteArtist ProfileEmail:
11am - 6pm