Newly Juried 3D artists

Erika Cleveland, Fiber Artist

Heasoon A. Rhee, Fiber Artist

Hattie Barker, Fiber Artist

David Flohr, Ceramic Artist

Leah Sturgis, Jewelry

Newly Juried 2D artists

(15 out of 44 accepted)

Amanda Harner, Photographer

Tim Hyde, Photographer

Maureen Minehan, Photographer

Valeri Proudkii, Photographer

Jill Finsen, Painter

Liz Roberts, Painter

Kara Hammond, Painter

Karen Fitzgerald, Mixed Media

Susan Sherwin, Painter

Ellen Kolansky, Painter

Fierce Sonia, Mixed Media

Barbara Muth, Painter

Guy Jones, Drawing

Brandon Newton, Painter

Fritz Desroches, Painter

2014 Annual Jury for New Artist Members

Torpedo Factory Tours for artists: November 17, December 1,  December 15, December 29,  January 12,  February 9 and March 9 at 1pm.

Jury Information Sessions: Sunday, January 26th and Sunday, February 23rd, 2-3pm in Studio 31.

Jury Day 1 – Receiving: Monday, March 24th, 9am-6pm on the 3rd floor landing

Jury Day 2 – 2D Jury: Tuesday, March 25th. Selected 2D artists will be posted Tuesday evening

Jury Day 3 – 3D Jury: Wednesday, March 26th. Selected 3D artists will be posted Wednesday evening

Jury Day 4 – Pick-Up: Thursday, March 27th, 9am-6pm on the 3rd floor. All applicants must pick-up their work.*

Orientation for Newly Juried Artists: Thursday, March 27th, 6-7pm in Studio 31. Each artist will have 2-3 works selected for a special exhibition.

Newly Juried Artists’ Exhibition

March 29 – April 6 in Target Gallery Reception:* Saturday, April 6th, 3-5pm. *Exhibited artists must pick up their works after the reception.

Questions? Contact TFAA Jury Chair Michele Hoben at 703.836.1851 or

General Information about the Annual Jury Process

Basic Timeline:The TFAA Annual Jury process takes place every spring and lasts 4 days. Applicants and interested persons are encouraged to check this web page for updates such as jury dates, application downloads, and other important information.

1-3 Months before Jury: Jury information session for potential applicants will be held at the Torpedo Factory Art Center.

Jury Day 1: Applicants drop off application materials with their jury fee payment, artworks, and digital submissions.

Jury Day 2: 2D or 3D submissions are juried. Juror selections will be announced on this web page.

Jury Day 3: 2D or 3D submissions are juried. Juror selections will be announced on this web page.

Jury Day 4: Applicants pick-up artworks. Chosen artists will have some of their works selected for a special exhibition at the Torpedo Factory.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1

    How do I become a Torpedo Factory artist?

    Artists must go through the annual jury process and orientation session to become a member of the Torpedo Factory Artists’ Association (TFAA). All artists working in fine arts and fine crafts are eligible. Fine crafts include such work as ceramics, textiles, jewelry, all kinds of sculpture, glass, film, video, and more. Upon selection, the applicant becomes a TFAA Associate Artist. To learn more about the Torpedo Factory Artists’ Association, visit their dedicated website at

    Click here for information about past juries.

  • 2

    What are the benefits of Associate membership?

    - You are eligible for short-term studio subleases (up to one year) from resident artists

    – You may work toward joining a studio lease on a permanent basis

    – You can have a web page on which gets approximately 12,000 unique visits per month (fee applies)

    – You have the opportunity to submit images and updates of shows, awards, and special projects for promotional purposes and newsletters

    – You are eligible to participate in complementary programming and Association volunteer opportunities (TFAA Associates must remain current on annual dues in order to maintain juried status. Associates must also keep accurate contact information on file with the Association).

  • 3

    How do I get a studio?

    Although solo studio vacancies are infrequent, our resident artist turnover rate averages 10% per year. Associates who are available and willing to accept subleases have a very good chance of studio placement.

    The two ways to become a resident artist are:

    1) Joining a group studio. Established group studios select from the list of Associates when new members are needed.

    2) Subleasing for 180 days to gain eligibility for the Waiting List for Solo Studio Space. Associate artists must maintain a minimum sublease period of 120 days annually to remain on the waiting list.

  • 4

    How do I apply?

    On the first day of the Annual Jury, applicants bring five pieces of their artwork plus a CD with images of 10-20 additional works, completed application, and a $75.00 fee to the Torpedo Factory Artists’ Association. The work will be juried over the second and third days.

    Click here to download the 2014 application form

  • 5

    When do I find out the results?

    Applicants may check this web page on the second and third day of jurying to see the list of Newly Juried Artists.

  • 6

    Is there a Jury Information Session?

    Jury Information Sessions are held 1-3 months prior to the annual jury for anyone who is interested in applying to become a TFAA member artist.  They are optional meetings during which the jurying process and the benefits of being an associate are discussed.  This is a good opportunity for applicants to ask any questions they might have.

    In addition, this year we are conducting Torpedo Factory tours to show artists considering joining our ranks, how many different opportunities there are for their participation.  The dates of those tours are listed in the 2014 jury timeline above.

  • 7

    Who are the jurors?

    There are separate 3-person panels judging the 2-D work and the 3-D work. The jurors are highly qualified professional artists, curators, teachers, museum directors and the like, who are independent of the Torpedo Factory. Their decision is final. They will look for work that meets the highest standards of professionalism and promise.

    2014 Jurors


    • Alec Simpson, Mixed Media Artist, Acting Countywide Arts Coordinator for Prince George’s Parks and Recreation, former Deputy Director of the DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities
    • Phil Hutinet,  Founder and Managing Editor of East City Art, Former Director of the Honfluer Gallery
    • Margaret Adams Parker, Fine Artist and Educator


    • Dagmar Painter, Curator, Gallery Al-Quds at the Jerusalem Fund; Nominator, Smithsonian SARF program
    • Maria Karametou, Mixed Media Artist and Associate Professor, School of Art, George Mason University.
    • Rick Wall,  Sculptor and Educator, Corcoran College of Art and Design

    We strongly encourage artists who are not selected to reapply since each year there is a new panel of jurors. NOTE: This jury process is NOT a critique. Artists will not receive a critique.

Note to all 2D submitters: Bring cardboard of appropriate size to protect your submissions as they will be stacked against the walls against other people’s submissions. Do not put your name on your cardboard as the jurying process is a blind one. You may not get your exact pieces of cardboard back, but we will do our best to protect your work.

Note to all film applicants: Filmmakers and artists using film or digital video as part of their works of art may now apply for studio space at the Torpedo Factory. However, because of the acoustics in the factory, all applicants need to be aware that sound would have to be fully controlled through the use of computers and earphones. Video or film applicants should keep their applications to a total of 10 minutes or less, in as many segments as they wish.

Video and time-based submissions should be both PC and Macintosh compatible. Submissions must be able to play in standard media viewing programs such as DVD, Quicktime, or Windows Media players (MOV files are preferred). You may NOT submit VHS tapes. Website links will not be accepted as submissions. Please let Jury Chair Michele Hoben know if you are submitting film or video so we can arrange to show your work to jurors. Contact Michele Hoben at 703.836.1851.