I am a contemporary realist whose current work includes landscape, still life (cheese compositions) and city scenes. All of these genres have a stylistic unity having defined edges, emphasis on positive and negative spaces and a nuanced palette of custom mixed colors. I use acrylic paint for the large landscapes and still life genres and oil for smaller landscapes and city scenes, working on stretched canvas as well as wood panels.

Small or large, my landscape paintings are intended to give the viewer a personal experience by peering into the distance through the use of overlapping shapes and multiple custom mixed blues or other hues. At the same time, the contrast between sharp edges and simulated softer surfaces draw the observer into a closer, more immediate experience.

The cheese themed still life series are completely invented and composed of images that are combined to form a unified composition with near monochromatic color, contrasting textures and illusion of space. The work is small in scale, no larger than 12 x 12 inches.

City scenes, or urban views, are a theme that I began while living in various cities in Switzerland, France, Germany, Russia and Indonesia in addition to Washington D.C. Architecture and cultural history are elements that are subtly used to suggest a unique atmosphere.