My vision as an artist is to create the movement, energy, and the intertwining of nature on canvas. I strive to achieve this by following my intuition of shapes, multi-tone stripes, and vibrant colors. My latest series blends abstract surrealism and realism where the abstraction of birds’ wings contain multi-tone stripes of the ocean while the ocean contains a realistic fish created through my technique of using the untouched canvas as negative space. The wings soar effortlessly with feathers of ocean current stripes as the negative-space fish swims within this tide. Flying ever higher, portions of the water wings break free to begin new journeys. I hope my paintings convey how all beings are connected through nature and the potential every element holds. I would like for the viewer to see peace, beauty, and excitement in my paintings. Through this use of abstract surrealism and realism, my paintings are my effort to express the unbounded artistry of nature: the permanence of movement, the kaleidoscope of color, and the pure connections of its beings.