I am a mixed media artist who is currently focused on fiber art (I prefer to combine acrylic paint and block printing on fabric, with hand-stitched embroidery embellishments). Whether it is of one of my stylized characters in a humorous scene, or if it is a more contemplative, emotive piece, my art has a playful, whimsical, and unique illustrative/graphic feel. I am fascinated by the ambiguous and organic nature of one's identity or sense of self. I also frequently pay close attention to people’s emotional reactions while they navigate the world’s social complexities, and aim to analyze those moments through my visual language. By creating approachable art, I hope to highlight nuanced moments and life's moments or challenges. I create eye-catching images that range from friendly to moody, bright to ominous, and introspective to quirky in bright patterns and colors.

I work in graphic design and create my art in Arlington, VA, where I live with my family.