My work is all hand-fabricated, employing essential metalsmithing tools and techniques, with sterling silver as my primary medium. I have always been captivated by the color, tactile nature, durability, and malleability of silver.

My current artistic approach draws inspiration from geometric forms. These forms serve as a fitting visual language and metaphors that allow me to explore the realms of sculpture and architecture. And then I project them back into wearable jewelry design.

I enjoy creating unique, wearable sculptures that embody balance and stability, utilizing convex pentagons and regular or irregular quadrilateral shapes to craft bracelets, brooches, and rings.

I imagine and visualize my designs as large-scale sculptures that can be reproduced both indoors and outdoors. I believe that the process of envisioning my designs as large-scale sculptures has impacts on the results. As a way to explore the intersection of art and function, I create miniature versions of the sculptural forms that I envision, which can be worn as jewelry.

Also, I prefer simple, clean, and minimal designs, and I strive to control or limit decorative elements whenever possible. Instead, I seek to have the works express dynamism by using negative and positive space and by the variation of angles.