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Jamaliah Morais accepts orders for specially-commissioned works, including paintings, stand-up folding screens and wall-mounted half-screens. She has executed many special commissions for clients in the United States and all over the world. While most of her clients purchase art works displayed in her Torpedo Factory Art Center studio and on her website, some clients have occasionally indicated their own special preferences for the design, theme, color scheme and size of the art work they desire based on their actual needs or individual tastes, e.g., the color scheme in their home, size of their rooms and walls, and furnishings.

In making their decisions for commissioned paintings, clients will have an opportunity to view albums containing Jamaliah’s previous paintings and commissions and current art work on display in her studio. Clients may also view or purchase her retrospective book containing a selection of her works over twenty-five years. Ideas for paintings may also be obtained from her website at: or even from other sources.

Recently, Jamaliah was commissioned to paint her largest-ever painting (12′ x 8′) for a manor house in Western Pennsylvania. She has also executed several commissions of paintings and screens for clients both in the United States, Europe, Asia and Latin America.

Smuggler’s Notch Ink & watercolors 35×43

Jays & Peonies Ink & watercolors 36×48

“Long Life Cranes Screen” 77″ x 105″