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Work exhibiting movement, curves, or swaying rhythms. [image: silk scarf, by Janet Stollnitz]

Life under the Sea

Enchanted mermaids, coral, shells, sunken ships, fish, and glorious colors. [Image: felted fish by Barbara Rushworth]


Big and bold graphics, hip hop, irreverent urban décor. (Grace Mahanes, hand-felted scarf with pin)

Doubling Up

We expand our range with two or more techniques in one piece or collaborate with another gallery member.


The beauty of mathematics is on display: Hyperbolic geometry, fractal art, the golden ratio (Φ), Fibonacci series.


March 20, 2018, is the Vernal Equinox and the beginning of spring, a time of renewal and fresh starts: Earlier dawns, later sunsets, tree leaves and flowers emerge, birds return, and seeds are sown. (Image, Freesias wall quilt by Dianne Harris Thomas)

Opposites Attract

Work that exhibits the attraction of opposites: how contrasting colors can work together, the dynamics of positive and negative space, or anything that shows the opposite of something else.