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Environmental Elements

Our artists and their creations are influenced by environmental elements such as air quality, noise, climate, fish and wildlife migration routes, and unique animal species – the list goes on and on. Themed work is eligible for recognition by the jurors. Non-themed work is also exhibited.

East Meets West

Ikat weaving, Batik, Sashiko embroidery, Shibori dyeing, hand stamping, and a myriad of other Eastern techniques and clothing styles are integrated with Western designs and techniques. Non-themed work will also be exhibited. (Image: detail of jacket, Gretchen Klimoski)

Good Luck Charms

A very special found object, a four leaf clover, a rainbow, a wishbone, a charm on a bracelet – these objects all served as inspiration to our members when creating pieces for this show. Non-themed work is also exhibited.


Work exhibiting movement, curves, or swaying rhythms. [image: silk scarf, by Janet Stollnitz]

Life under the Sea

Enchanted mermaids, coral, shells, sunken ships, fish, and glorious colors. [Image: felted fish by Barbara Rushworth]


Big and bold graphics, hip hop, irreverent urban décor. (Grace Mahanes, hand-felted scarf with pin)