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Creative Writing Workshop with Community Building Art Works

As featured in the 2018 HBO Documentary We Are Not Done Yet, Community Building Art Works serves veterans, military personnel, and members of the community through generative creative-writing workshops. Led by accomplished authors, they are focused on using the written word as a tool for introspection, communication, and connection. Bring a pen, a notebook, and an open mind.

The program is free, but a donation of $10-$30 would to support CBAW’s to hold similar workshops at military hospitals.

woman dancing

The Late Shift: Summer Party

The waterfront comes to life with a big after-hours party to kick off the Late Shift Summer Series. Music, activities, and art await on all three floors.

Target Gallery joins the festivities with its 2019 Solo Exhibition reception, too.

Save the dates for more Summer Series Late Shift events on Fridays, July 12 and August 9.

Welcome Julia Kwon, the 2019 Solo Exhibition artist in the Target Gallery. The Art Center partners with Congressman Don Beyer’s Office to host the top twelve honoree’s of the 2019 Congressional High School  Art Competition from Virginia’s 8th Congressional District. The Mason Arts Project Studio welcomes MFA Candidate Danielle Dravenstadt and the launch of her project, Tend 


ArtistStrange Lens and Andi Benge are the two performance artists behind the collaborative group STRANGELAND. Tonight they present groTEAsque PARTY, an elaborate performance featuring contributions by Jessica Kallista, Katie Macyshyn, Lilia Gestsonand Matt Nolan 


Pre-registration Requested




STRANGELAND is a collaboration between artists Strange Lens and Andi Benge. Join the artists in the Grand Hall along with a curated assortment of guests for a series of performance pieces throughout the night, all centered around a Mad Hatter-esque tea party in the center of the Hall. 

Featured Artists: 

  • StrangeLand 
  • Jessica Kallista 
  • Katie Macyshyn 
  • Lilia Gestson 
  • Matt Nolan  



Jessica Kallista

Jessica Kallista is an artist, teacher, juror, curator, and gallery director. She received her MFA in Creative Writing with a concentration in poetry from George Mason University in 2002. In November 2014 she founded Olly Olly, an alternative art space, in Fairfax, Virginia. She has served as Business Representative on the City of Fairfax Commission on the Arts. Jessica has taught collage at the Corcoran School of Arts & Design GW and poetry, critical theory, aesthetics, and writing for artists at George Mason University. She is Gallery Director of Buchanan Partners Art Gallery at the Hylton Performing Arts Center. Through her multi-faceted work in visual and literary art, Jessica seeks to disrupt the isolation of those living in suburbia and elsewhere by creating situations of surprise, play, and experimentation while instigating dialogue about gender, sexuality, feminism, embodiment, decolonization, commodity fetishism, spirituality, pleasure, and interconnectivity. Jessica’s work has been shown at a variety of venues including Target Gallery, GRACE, The Fridge, Tempus Projects, Rhizome, VisArtsNoMüNoMü, Fenwick Gallery at George Mason University, Galerie Kritiku Prague, Watergate Gallery, and the Margaret W. and Joseph L. Fisher Art Gallery. 

Project Statement: “Joy, Love, and Bliss are revolutionary acts. We must lay claim to the everyday moments of our lives and demand that they are filled with bliss. Rooted in the belief that what we practice we become, Jessica Kallista’s Instigating Bliss disrupts the passive nihilism intrinsic in many of our everyday lives by countering with the intentional, active, manifestation-oriented pursuit of revolutionary everyday bliss through meditation and play. She counters with tea, books, kisses, sweetness, music, light, flowers, laughter, community, consensual touch, luxury, comfort, pleasure, and sensuousness. Jessica invites you to participate in her Everyday Bliss Meditation. Take the corpse out of your mouth. Love, laugh, taste, touch, dance, play.” 

Katie Macyshyn


 Katie Macyshyn received her BFA, with a focus in performance art, from the Corcoran School of the Arts & Design at George Washington University. Macyshyn uses high camp to make the profane spiritual and vice versa. Her work has been included in various performance festivals, including ITINERANT, Staten Island, NY; PGH PAF , Pittsburgh, PA; Transmodern Festival, Baltimore, MD; and (e)merge Art Fair, Washington, DC. Her work has also been included in gallery exhibitions at VisArts, Rockville, MD; IA&A at Hillyer, Washington, DC; and the Corcoran Gallery of Art, Washington, DC. Through workshops, creative group activities, and high camp multimedia rituals, Macyshyn’s work helps recover lost parts of the soul. Her pieces are speculative journeys that mix the sacred and profane. From a place of radical empathy, radical inclusiveness, and radical self love, the work helps overcome familial or societal guilt and shame in order to live a life of empowered self-expression and integration as simultaneously sexual, spiritual, and social beings. 

Project Statement: In the performance Sweet Green Katie Magician performs a musical number to the tune of MacArthur Park by Jimmy Webb in the style of Donna Summer. The piece references the French Revolution as an analogy for the bourgeoisie’s blissful ignorance towards the daily lived experience of the working class. As the ballad builds in intensity, pieces of cake with green icing, as references in the lyrics, will fall from the performer’s costume.

Lilia Gestson


Lilia Gestson grew up in the suburbs of DC where she cultivated her love for the visual and performing arts. As a performing artist, Lilia pursued a career in dance with Pittsburgh Ballet Theater. During her recovery from an injury, she discovered her love for the visual arts and shifted her artistic focus to fine art. She is currently living in Gaithersburg Maryland and pursuing a Fine Arts degree at Montgomery College.

“I Am Red” is a performance artwork by Lilia Gestson that will be performed throughout the duration of the event. She will be dressed in all white at the Tea Party asking visitors their opinions on menstruation. The visitors will then be encouraged to write their answers on her clothing with red pens.

Project Statement: “I Am Red” is a performance artwork inspired by my own frustration with my menstrual cycle and the lack of open conversation within our society about this topic. Though we are making large strides, there is still stigma around the topic of menstruation and it causes many to feel uncomfortable and ultimately hide this aspect of their lives. Menstruation is an important part of many people’s identity and for many, including myself, it is a traumatic experience every month. As a personal aspect of ourselves and our body, we should be able to freely express this topic and be able to have these personal conversations with anyone, not only our personal friends and family. By including everyone in this conversation, I want to promote this cause and create an outlet for those who need a platform to express their feelings about menstruation. It is important that we continue to make strides to an open future where people no longer have to be discreet or worry about making others uncomfortable when menstruating. 


Holding a Bachelor of Music (B.M.) degree in Music Synthesis/Voice Principal from Berklee College of Music and a Master’s Degree (M.M.) in Music Composition from George Mason University, Matt Nolan has a holistic vision for music, art, movement, and light. His programming and interactivity work has been used and performed at SICMF Seoul Korea , 2007 Florida Electro-Acoustic Music Festival at the University of Florida, Berklee College of Music, George Mason University’s Center for the Arts, The Hylton Center for Performing Arts, New Interfaces for Musical Expression (NIME) 2007 at the Columbia University Computer Music Center as part of NYC Electronic Arts Festival, CHAW (Washington DC, TedX Tyson’s, The Atlas Theater, EABD (Fredericksburg), Monkeytown (Brooklyn), and his artwork was selected for The Newtown Project : A Call to Arms for the Charles Krause Reporting Fine Art Gallery in Washington, DC. His photography was featured at the Philips Collection in Collaboration with Helen Frederick.  He is the founder of the Virginia Artist’s Residency at STUD Gallery/Manahoac Farm in Catlett, VA. 



STRANGELAND is a performance duo, made up of Bunni (ANDiLAND) and Goatface (STRANGE LENS) that explore the superficial construct of reality. ANDiLAND works with a variety of media to create her campy but whimsical immersive installations and performances. Utilizing a perverse humor she invites viewers past the looking glass of reality down the rabbit hole of her own personal female psyche, attempting to assault the norms of acceptable female behavior to subversive ends. STRANGE LENS is a mixed media artist who explores the world of dreams, nightmares and the obscure irrational of the subconscious. She recreates the experience and atmosphere of disorientation and disconnect caused by excessive vivid dreams and re-enacts them through video, installation and performance.

Project Statement: “The work consists of a peculiar tea party, an elaborate performance by the collaborative group STRANGELAND, where visitors are served riddles and inedible ephemera. With a perverse humor and provocative pleasure, this staged seductive spectacle questions the aestheticization of politics and more concerningly, violence. This avant grade fairy-tale ambiguously swerves between parody and enactment, investigating the collision and collusion of fantasy to form a new reality of consciousness.” 


Target Gallery: Julia Kwon




Target Gallery presents interdisciplinary artist Julia Kwon. Kwon creates sculpture and textile art that explore reductive representation, othering, and objectification, in relation to ethnicity and gender as a Korean American woman. Kwon was chosen from nearly 130 artists from across North America for this annual competitive opportunity for a solo show. 

The jury panel for this opportunity was: Sandy Guttman, DC-based independent curator; Michael Matason, Gallery Manager of DC Arts Center; and Terence Nicholson; DC-based artist. 

Mason Arts Project Studio: Danielle Dravenstadt

Danielle Dravenstadt

RECEPTION: 7–9:30 pm  ARTIST TALK: 9 pm 

 Danielle Dravenstadt is an interdisciplinary artist, specializing in photography, with an MA from the Maryland Institute College of Art and a BA from Furman University. She is an MFA candidate and photography instructor at the School of Art at George Mason University. Her work explores, challenges, and transforms the ordinary through photography, painting, printmaking, and installation, articulating nuanced perceptions of everyday life.

Project Statement: In Tend, Dravenstadt transforms simple gestures of care into radical expressions of acceptance through photography and installation. Dravenstadt builds an aesthetic around the tender engagement with materials of caretakers to make care visible, mentionable, and to provoke a consideration of the transformative potential of practicing care in daily life. 


Cancelled due to extenuating circumstances. Apologies for the inconvenience. All artwork is still on view.

RECEPTION: 7–9:30 pm  ARTIST TALK: 7:15pm
The Torpedo Factory Art Center is proud to partner with Congressman Don Beyer’s Office to host the top twelve honoree’s of the 2019 Congressional High School Art Competition from Virginia’s 8th Congressional District.


Post Grad Studio: Nava Levenson

 STUDIO 319 

OPEN STUDIO: Nava Levenson
Spring Post-Grad Resident 

Nava Levenson in a multidisciplinary artist, instigator, and collaborator based in Richmond, Virginia. She completed her bachelor’s of fine arts in 2017 from James Madison University. Her work investigates anthropological concepts such as hospitality, labor, consumption, and space making. Nava incorporates repurposed materials in much of her art in an effort to chip away at the surplus of objects that crowd the planet. Stop by her studio from 7-10 pm to meet the artist and see her work in person. 



Julia Kwon: More Than A Body

Julia Kwon: More Than a Body
June 14 – August 4

Opening Reception: Friday, June 14, 7 – 10pm with gallery talk at 8pm

Target Gallery presents our competitive annual solo exhibition featuring Northern Virginia-based artist Julia Kwon. Julia Kwon: More Than A Body will be on view June 14 through August 4, 2019.

Based in Woodbridge, Virginia, Kwon uses traditional Korean inspired textiles to create a dialogue on othering and objectification she experiences as a Korean-American woman. Her work touches on her minority identity and delves deeper into a broader commentary on the dehumanizing and reductive process of being categorized.

“I aim to capture the tension that arises from the divide between different social groups and the mindset of us versus them,” she said.

Kwon draws her main aesthetic inspiration from bojagi, a Korean practice of wrapping objects in cloth to protect good luck. Historically, it was a creative outlet for women in the Joseon Dynasty (1392–1910) who had limited contact with the outside world.

“I am directly drawing inspiration from bojagi and consider ideas such as tradition, craft, and ‘feminine’ work,” she said.

By utilizing this textile method, Kwon both honors her heritage while using it as a tool for disruption. Traditionally, common bojagi were made with patchwork cloths leftover from other projects. Kwon uses stereotypically “ethnic” textiles instead. This creates a subtle yet poignant commentary on orientalism and the perceived exoticness of Asian imagery. She calls attention to the viewers’ assumptions based on Kwon’s gender and identity.

Kwon uses these textiles as part of a larger sculptural work. She manipulates the fabric to suggest a female form trapped underneath. “Gender” is consumed and hidden by an artificially ethnic textile of “identity.”

Kwon was selected from more than 130 North American applicants as part of Target Gallery’s annual Open Call for a Solo Exhibition. The jury panel for this opportunity was: Sandy Guttman, a curatorial assistant at the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture; Michael Matason, Gallery Manager of DC Arts Center; and Terence Nicholson; a DC-based artist.

According to Guttman, “Kwon stages interventions in textile and sculpture, creating cross-cultural forms that implore the viewer to metaphorically look beneath the surface and question the very limitations of identity. She leaves us to ponder our own place within society and history. In Kwon’s patterns, we find form; in Kwon’s figures, perhaps we find ourselves.”

“This hybrid approach to her works breaks the boundary on viewers preconceived notions the artists identity and background,” said Matason. “Each piece and each piece of fabric should be carefully looked at, as Julia’s works speak to race, femininity and her experiences on what it means to be Korean.”

“The beauty of the pieces almost camouflages the poignancy of the message behind them. Her experience of being looked at as ‘other’ is a theme that I think will resonate with most viewers in some way,” said Nicholson.

Julia Kwon: More Than A Body runs Friday, June 14, through Sunday, August 4, 2019. The opening reception will be Friday, June 14, 7 – 9 pm, with Kwon’s comments at 8 pm. This reception is part of the Torpedo Factory Art Center’s Late Shift Event: Summer Party. Target Gallery is open daily from 10 – 6 pm and until 9 pm on Thursdays.

About the Artist

A native of Virginia, Julia Kwon creates traditional and hybrid Korean textiles through quilting and painting. Her work aims to challenge preexisting notions of what it means to be Korean and feminine as well as examine the complexities of constructing identity within the contemporary context of globalism and cultural hybridity. Kwon also explores community and personal relationship-building through collaborative projects such as communal quilting, one-on-one portrait drawing, and building a community that shares local artist talks.

She is an interdisciplinary artist currently based in New York City and the D.C. metropolitan area. She earned her Master of Fine Art at Tufts University’s School of the Museum of Fine Arts and her Bachelor of Arts at Georgetown University. She has had numerous solo exhibitions and won various awards such as the School of the Museum of Fine Arts/Tufts University’s Traveling Fellowship as well as the artist residency at Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity, Vermont Studio Center, Montgomery College, Gallery 263, and Textile Arts Center. ​Kwon is currently an Artist in Residence at NARS Foundation in Brooklyn.

Target Gallery

 Target Gallery is the contemporary exhibition space for the Torpedo Factory Art Center. We host eight exhibitions annually featuring a variety of themes, artists, and media focused on the latest trends in contemporary art.

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2019 Congressional High School Art Competition

Opening Reception

Friday, June 14 • 7-8 pm
Opening Remarks at 7:20 pm


The Torpedo Factory Art Center is proud to partner with Congressman Don Beyer’s Office to host the top twelve honoree’s of the 2019 Congressional High School Art Competition from Virginia’s 8th Congressional District.



Zachary Bobeczko (12, Washington-Lee High School)
Kalista Diamantopoulos (12, T.C. Williams High School)
Xander Chiaramonte (12, St. Stephen’s and St. Agnes School)
Khulan Erdenedalai (10, H-B Woodlawn Secondary)
Julianne Joven (10, T.C. Williams High School)
Catherine Owens (12, St. Stephen’s and St. Agnes School)
Gummy Nichols (12, St. Stephen’s and St. Agnes School)
Owen Plimpton (12, Yorktown High School)
Lars Rosen (11, McLean High School)
Clara Sandall (11, Yorktown High School)
Quinten Staples (12, St. Stephen’s and St. Agnes School)
Vy Tran (11, Hayfield Secondary)

ALX Pride 2019 Mix & Mingle

Kick off the start of Capital Pride with a special evening mix and mingle for Alexandria. Get to know others from the local LGBTQIA community. Stop by for music in the Grand Hall, drinks and snacks, and open artist studios and projects.


Participating Artists and Activities in the Grand Hall

EXHIBITION: ALX Pride Artist Row
Curated by Michaela Japec 


Michaela Japec

Michaela Japec is from Alexandria, Virginia. She recently completed her bachelor’s of fine arts in 2018 from George Mason University. Through her art, she works through conflicting thoughts she has about her sexuality, body insecurities, and feelings of oppression. She recently completed her Winter 2019 Post Grad Residency at Torpedo Factory Art Center.

Though Michaela was born in Alexandria, she grew up in Forssjö, Sweden, and lived there until 2008. She has been active in the Alexandria visual arts community for many years, exhibiting work at The Art League Gallery and Delray Artisan Gallery, as well as other locations in Northern Virginia including Richard J. Ernst Community Cultural Center in Annandale and Epicure Café in Fairfax.

PERFORMANCE: Nava Levenson: Practice Preserves: Studio Dirt 

Practice Preserves: Studio Dirt is an ongoing participatory investigation into art making scrap and material waste. Operating at the intersection of curating and art making, this project aims to archive practices of a group of artists through cast offs and material waste similar to the way we understand american culture through junk and thrift stores. Post Grad Studio Resident Nava Levenson invites participating artists to fill a quart size canning jar with scraps and studio trash to be later archived at a jar opening.

8 pm – 9 pm: Jar Opening of Tyler Stoll
North Hall 

Nava Levenson

Nava Levenson is an artist, organizer and collaborator based in Richmond, VA.  Rooted in ritual and collection, her practice investigates domesticity, objecthood and the human condition. Trained in sculpture and fibers, she utilizes these mediums as tools in performance and process. Her work is comprised of installations, performances, gatherings, and her own a brand of food. Nava has been a resident at Elsewhere Museum (Greensboro, NC) and Torpedo Factory Art Center (Alexandria, VA). Recent exhibitions/performances/workshops include Heavily Processed at VALET Gallery in Richmond, VA and “A Jar Opening” at Torpedo Factory in Alexandria, VA. Nava is the recipient of a CVPA Research Grant and the 2017 David Diller Outstanding Student in Studio Art Award at James Madison University where she received her BFA in Sculpture. Currently her work deals in curating, material reuse and gendered labor as it relates to construction and homesteading.

ALX Pride Bar

Stop by the Grand Hall for a glass of beer or wine, courtesy of our friends at Port City, NOVA Pride, and Safe Space NOVA! Support LGBTQIA efforts in the DMV area while unwinding with friends.

About our Collaborators

Port City Brewing Company

Port City is an award-winning brewery — brewing, serving and shipping  beers to the DC and Mid Atlantic market. They brew an exciting lineup of year round brews, as well as an innovative slate of seasonal and occasional beers. Find them on tap all over the DMV or stop into their Tasting Room, which is open 7 days a week.



NOVA Pride

NOVA Pride is a 501(c)3 nonprofit with a mission to cultivate and grow a coalition to educate, advocate and celebrate in service to the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer (LGBTQ+) community of Northern Virginians and our straight Allies. A young, grassroots, 100% volunteer-run organization, NOVA Pride provides a unified voice for, and a local base to, LGBTQ+ Northern Virginians – enhancing our visibility and relevance in the DMV region. NOVA Pride brings a sense of community to families, youth, and people of all scenes and sexualities through its year-round activity, including an annual festival every fall.




Safe Space NOVA

Safe Space NOVA is dedicated to providing a safe, accepting, and supportive environment to combat social stigmas, bullying, and other challenges faced by LGBT+ youth.

Factory Flow: Harmonizing Yoga and Sound

On the first Saturday of every month, find inner peace and creativity with this early-morning series. Start the day focused on art, health, and imagination. Sessions feature sound artists, yoga teachers, dance instructors, and more.

June’s workshop is co-curated by Jeneen Piccuirro and the Friends of the Torpedo Factory Art Center.

Come sweat with us in the Grand Hall of the Art Center before the building opens. Join our creative judgement-free community as we gather for an all-levels harmonizing and cooling yoga practice this summer with live sound healing.


Local sound artist, yogi and meditation guide Jeneen Piccuirro leads her signature one-hour class carefully guiding you through a gentle yoga series with an artfully crafted crystal bowl accompaniment and closing gong meditation. Jeneen’s authentic integrated offerings are designed with your comfort, health and ultimate rejuvenation in mind.  Surrender to the deep relaxation and healing benefits of this powerful combination and start your weekend off with this treat for your mind, body and soul while immersed in the inspiration, art and creativity of the Torpedo Factory Art Center.


All levels, all ages welcome.

Doors: 8am, Yoga Class: 8:30 – 9:30am 


$10 advance tickets online. $15 at the door.


Register Now

What to Bring:

  • Big towel
  • Your own mat
  • Water
  • Sense of humor
  • Appreciation for art, music, and fun


About Jeneen Piccuirro

Jeneen Piccuirro, MFA, has over 28 years of experience leading original Art, Meditation, Yoga, Dance, Sound Healing and Movement based offerings, and is a pioneer and visionary in integrating these modalities to bring the body, mind and soul into balance for long term well-being. Her loving and skillful approach gently shifts people into healthier patterns of acceptance and understanding, paving the way for a deeper residing peace, joy and creativity.




About The Friends of the Torpedo Factory Art Center

The Friends of the Torpedo Factory Art Center is a 501(c)(3) charitable corporation which promotes, enhances and preserves the unique assets of the Torpedo Factory Art Center and its value to the community by cooperating with the factory and artists to provide education and awareness of the arts through programs, exhibits and events.

The Friends present workshops for artists, art lectures and demonstrations for the established art lover and young audiences alike, as well as mentorship programs for students in the Alexandria area.

Veterans Comedy Night with ASAP

The Art Center welcomes back Armed Services Arts Partnership. Join Storytelling 101 and Comedy Bootcamp alumni as our veterans, service members, and military family members share stories and jokes about the military, veteran, and human experience. Come to experience the talent and artistry of our veteran artists, and enjoy a special evening of laughter and community.

Doors will open at 7 pm, show at 7:30 pm

Tickets: Tickets are $10 online and $15 at the door. A portion of proceeds will go to support ASAP’s programming.

Save $5 and Buy Tickets Now

About Armed Services Arts Partnership

The Armed Services Arts Partnership (ASAP) empowers veterans, service members, and military family members to re-enter and thrive in their communities through classes, performances, and partnerships in the arts. ASAP focuses on promoting artistic expression and skill development in supportive, six- to twelve-week classes in stand-up comedy, improv, creative writing, and music. Thereafter, ASAP partners with local colleges and arts organizations to provide its graduates with continuous opportunities for artistic and personal growth. In the process, ASAP’s programs can improve well-being among participants, allow them to develop a renewed sense of identity and purpose, and bridge divides by connecting veterans and local communities through the arts. To learn more visit asapasap.org.


Feature Photo by Mahnaz Rezaie

The Late Shift: Alexandria Creates

7 – 10 pm, FREE

Enjoy gallery talks, artist receptions, music, live performances, hands-on artmaking, and three floors of open artists’ studios.


Alexandria is a vibrant and creative collection of neighborhoods and cultures. It’s one of the top 25 most diverse cities in the country and is located in the nation’s most vibrant arts region. Celebrate our home town and take part in its next renaissance.

We welcome Virginia Museum of Fine Arts and the VMFA on the Road traveling artmobile. For one night only, the truck will be parked at Waterfront Park with a micro-exhibition from the VMFA’s collection. See How Far Can Creativity Take You: VMFA Fellowship Artists, which includes works by Sally Mann, Cy Twombly, and others. Torpedo Factory resident artist and 2019-2020 VMFA Fellow Soomin Ham will be present at the Artmobile from 7-9 pm to answer questions about their fellowship.

Artist Anne Smith co-curates art activities for the night, including interactive projects and art tables by Asma Chaudary, Clara Cornelius, and Athena Naylor. Meet artists from this summer’s DC Zinefest and learn more about local creative Alexandria organizations like UpCycle Creative Reuse Center and The Garden.

Register Now



Special Late Shift projects co-curated by Anne Smith

Clara Cornelius

Clara Cornelius Collaborative Collages
Co-curated by Anne Smith

Clara is a visual artist and graphic designer who creates surprise and delight by changing context and perspective. She explores the interplay between photography, typography, patterns, and symbols, creating works across a variety of mediums that express a desire to see the world differently and discover magic in the ordinary and fleeting. Visitors are invited to take part in a large collaborative collage using wheat-paste techniques or create a collage of their own.


Asma Chaudhary

Asma Chaudhary Collaborative Yarn Wrapping Project
Co-curated by Anne Smith

Asma is a Pakistani-American artist from Fairfax, Virginia. Her artworks explore the duality of a domesticated homemaker by physically recreating the home environment. Asma makes every effort to use discarded materials and repurpose them into basic necessities for survival such as shelter, warmth, luminance, sustenance, mobility, and intellectual growth. Some of her installations include breaking down grocery carts and welding them into chairs, sewing workman’s gloves together to create couture-like dresses and cushions, and reformatting sleeping bags to play on the idea of innocence and crisis. Join Asma as she collaborates with the Alexandria-based UpCycle Creative Reuse Center for a yarn wrapping project. Lend a hand and learn more about her process.


Athena Naylor

Athena Naylor Comics & Zines
Co-curated by Anne Smith

Athena grew up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and now lives and works in Washington, D.C. She self-publishes autobiographical comics along with art books that meditate on drawing, art history, and memory. Athena’s comics have appeared on The Lily, and her arts writing has been featured on the online newspaper The DC Line and the online magazine DIRT. To keep up to date on her current projects and events, check her out on Instagram @athena.naylor and at her website athenanaylor.com. Stop by her table to meet the artist and discover more about zines.


Anne Smith


Anne Smith (b. 1985, Syracuse, NY) is a visual artist based in Washington, DC. Her art practice spans disciplines of drawing, sculpture and printmaking, often along themes of space and ideas of home. Featured in her work are places such as her childhood and ancestral homes, the Potomac River, the side of the road, and other spaces entirely imagined. Smith is a teaching artist at the National Gallery of Art and has served as a master printmaker on a large-scale silkscreen book project at George Mason University’s Navigation Press. She learned silkscreen printmaking from Master Printmaker Lou Stovall, for whom she was a studio assistant for several years. Smith is represented by Adah Rose Gallery.


Target Gallery: Emerging Artists

Emerging Artists

Target Gallery presents a new yearly exhibition featuring the work of 4 emerging artists to spotlight new talent and the up-and-coming artistic innovators of the D.C. metropolitan area. The selected artists this year include: Kate Gorman, Kim Sandara, Madeline A. Stratton, and Sean Sweeney.

The jury panel for this opportunity was: Adah Rose Bitterbaum, founder and director of Adah Rose Gallery; Philippa Hughes, founder of The Pinkline Project; and Dawne Langford, founder of Quota .

Mason Arts Project Studio: Kerry Hentges

Kerry Hentges

RECEPTION: 7–9:30 pm  ARTIST TALK: 9 pm

Kerry Hentges is an installation artist with a background in cake art.  She graduated from Virginia Tech with a BFA in Fine Art and a BA in Spanish.  Kerry studied painting, sculpture, and animation while at Virginia Tech and discovered her passion for creating interactive installations.  After school, she worked in a bakery as a cake artist and honed her sculpture talents.  She is currently an MFA Sculpture Candidate at Mason’s School of Art.

What’s the Story?

RECEPTION: 7–9:30 pm  ARTIST TALK: 7:30 pm
Curated by Torpedo Factory Art Center artist, Bev Ryan (Studio 333), this exhibition features the work of her narrative painting class at the Art League.


The VMFA Artmobile

The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts presents VMFA on the Road

The Art Center welcomes the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts to Alexandria for this special exhibition at the Late Shift. VMFA’s new state-of-the-art traveling museum and art studio launched in October 2018. The climate-controlled 53-foot Volvo trailer includes Wi-Fi to connect visitors with VMFA educators and interactive components to meet their 21st-century expectations. The main attraction of VMFA on the Road, however, is the opportunity for residents of the Commonwealth to see and experience works of art from the VMFA collection up close. For one night only, the VMFA’S Artmobile will be parked at Waterfront Park with a micro-exhibition from the VMFA’s collection. See How Far Can Creativity Take You: VMFA Fellowship Artists, which includes works by Sally Mann, Cy Twombly, and others.

Stop by from 7 – 9 pm to meet Torpedo Factory Art Center’s very own Soomin Ham, photographer and recipient of a 2019-2020 VMFA Visual Arts Fellowship.



The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts is a state-supported, privately endowed educational institution created for the benefit of the citizens of the Commonwealth of Virginia. Its purpose is to collect, preserve, exhibit, and interpret art, to encourage the study of the arts, and thus to enrich the lives of all.


Soomin Ham is a photographer and multimedia artist based in the Washington D.C. area. Ham received a Bachelor of Music in Orchestral Instruments from Ewha Women’s University in Seoul, Korea and her Master of Art in Photography and Multimedia from New York University/International Center of Photography in New York City. Her works includes photography, mixed media, and multimedia installations and have been exhibited widely throughout D.C., New York, and Seoul, Korea. Ham was selected for the Art and Community Visual Arts Residency at the DCCA in Wilmington, DE and a grant award from the National Endowment for the Arts in 2002. She is the recipient of several D.C. Commission on the Arts and Humanities grants including an Individual Artists Fellowship Grant in 2003 and Small Projects Grant in 2001. Recently, she received the 2019-2010 Visual Arts Fellowship  from the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts.


Post Grad Studio: Nava Levenson


OPEN STUDIO: Nava Levenson
Spring Post-Grad Resident

Nava Levenson in a multidisciplinary artist, instigator, and collaborator based in Richmond, Virginia. She completed her bachelor’s of fine arts in 2017 from James Madison University. Her work investigates anthropological concepts such as hospitality, labor, consumption, and space making. Nava incorporates repurposed materials in much of her art in an effort to chip away at the surplus of objects that crowd the planet. Stop by her studio from 7-10 pm to meet the artist and see her work in person.



2019 Friends of the Torpedo Factory Mentorship Program Exhibition

Every year, the Friends of Torpedo Factory mentorship program offers the opportunity to high school students from TC William High School and West Potomac High School to be paired with a studio artist as their mentor. During the course of the program, the artist mentors oversee and guide their mentees with their art projects, help develop new art skills, and provide artistic career advice. This program offers a way for young artists to learn about the art world in a professional setting.


DC Zine Fest Meet the Artists
Organized by Katana Lippart

The DC Zinefest is an independent event designed to provide a space for zine-makers, self-published artists, and writers to share their work with each other and the Washington, D.C., community. Artists from the upcoming DC Zine Fest in July will be on hand to show their works, talk about the Fest, and help new artists join this growing network.


The Garden Meet the Scientists (and Robots!)


The Garden is a brand new co-building and training facility in Alexandria run by Building Momentum, a veteran-owned small business that offers team buildings, prototyping, and leadership events. The Garden has a 3500 square foot event space and a 4,000 square foot workshop with the best tools in prototyping — including metal working, wood working, 3d printing, and laser cutting. Stop by their table to meet some of the Garden team members, play with their robots, try out a 3-d printer, and test-drive a drone. 

6th Annual Alexandria Jazz4Justice Benefit Concert

The Alexandria Bar Law Foundation, the NOVA Nighthawks and Torpedo Factory Art Center present the 6th annual Jazz4Justice Concert. 

The suggested tax-deductible donation is $15 for adults, $5 for children. Proceeds benefit Alexandria programs including those that help abused children and the elderly and provide legal aid to low income residents.

  • The special guest is Warren Wolf, a vibraphonist who has played with some of the biggest names in jazz.
  • The NOVA Nighthawks Jazz ensemble is directed by John “The Smoker” Kocur, a saxophonist and composer who has been a fixture in the DC Jazz scene for several years.
  • The T.C. Williams High School Jazz Band directed by Doug Rogers will also perform.

Doors open at 6:30 p.m with a jam session in the South Hall before the main event.  A cash bar will be available, as well as a raffle for prizes submitted by local merchants.

Buy tickets (or make a donation if you can’t come) through the website jazz4justicealexandria.org.

Contact the Alexandria Bar Association at 703-548-1106 or alexbar@alexandriabarva.org.

About Jazz4Justice

In 2001, Fairfax attorney Ed Weiner attended a student recital at George Mason University. He was impressed by the music, but distressed by the small audience. As the President of the Fairfax Law Foundation (FLF), he saw an opportunity for a new partnership — the GMU School of Music would provide the musical talent and the local Bar Association would provide the audience and sponsors. The goal would be to raise funds to support local Legal Aid, as well as the university’s jazz program. With the support of George Mason and FLF leadership, Jazz 4Justice™ was born.

Today, through partnerships with 7 universities and numerous local Bar Associations, 47 Jazz4Justice concerts have been held across the Commonwealth: George Mason University, James Madison University, Virginia Commonwealth University, Christopher Newport University, Northern Virginia Community College, the University of Virginia, and the University of Mary Washington. These concerts have raised over $400,000 for jazz programs and an array of educational and charitable legal services benefiting Virginia’s local communities.

Jazz4Justice has received awards from the American Bar Association and the Virginia State Bar. J4J is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization. Visit us at www.jazz4justice.com.

Professional Practices for the Visual Artist

Back by popular demand, this workshop, presented by Jeffery Allison, Paul Mellon Collection Educator and Statewide Manager at Virginia Museum of Fine Arts (VMFA), is devoted to the needs of the individual artist. Topics include photographing artwork, funding opportunities, developing professional relationships with galleries and publications, copyright issues, and marketing on the web. This program has been organized by the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts and is supported, in part, by the Paul Mellon Endowment and the Jean Stafford Camp Memorial Fund. This exhibition is done in partnership with Target Gallery’s 2019 Emerging Artists exhibition, to support more opportunities for artists in the DMV area. Artists of all skill-levels and stages are welcome.

Workshop Location:
Riverview Room
105 North Union Street
Studio 207
Alexandria, VA 22314

Please bring a laptop and/or a notebook along with writing utensils to take notes during this workshop.

Reserve Your Space

About Jeffery Allison
Jeffrey Allison is the Paul Mellon Collection educator at VMFA and a professional photographer. He holds a BA in photography and film from Virginia Intermont College and an MFA in photography from VCU.