Trio of Jars

Fiber sculpture Largest 42" tall, Medium 32"tall Small 22"tall
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Fiber sculpture 24"high, 20"wide, 12"deep
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Viking II

Fiber sculpture 20"high, 16" wide, 10"deep
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Having been born and raised in Sweden, the joy of color and pattern of the folk traditions of Scandinavia have influenced my art. From a very early age, I loved working with fabrics and through the years I have experimented with many and varied techniques. I ultimately felt I had found my perfect medium as a fiber artist when I discovered the traditional African wrapping technique using wire as a base and wrapping it with layers of fabrics that can be embellished by stiching, embroidery, beading and the addition of found objects. I have adapted this technique for the vessels that I am making now, enjoying exploring shapes and textures in addition to color.