An artist and potter for over 30 years, Ileen Shefferman was one of the pioneers in the polymer clay movement. She has been creating beautiful millefiore caned beads for many years now, always exploring color and pattern. Nineteenth-century Venetian glass beads are the major source of inspiration for her work. Shefferman's jewelry has been featured in several books and articles, such as, Creative Clay Jewelry by Leslie Dierkes; Artists at Work by Pierrette Ashcroft and Lindley Haunani; reviewed in Ornament Magazine. Her work has been sold and exhibited in galleries and fine art and craft shops throughout the United States.

Ileen has a BA in Speech Pathology from the University of Maryland and has an MFA from Antioch University. She has combined her love for art and speech therapy and has established an Art Therapy Program for hospitalized rehabilitation and oncology patients.