Blue Sky

Oil on Linen, 30"x 60"
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Pastel, 28"x36"
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Alexia Scott Alexia Scott was born in the Midwest and began painting at an early age. She continued her advanced studies in drawing and design at Kent State University and received her Masters of Fine Arts in painting from The George Washington University.

Her landscapes began as an experiment in color and form. It is an attempt to distill the first impression from the landscape, creating the visual evidence and enthusiasm for a moment. However, it is her hours-spent teaching figure study that she feels heighten her reaction and her expression of the landscape often feminine forms seem to emerge while developing the hills and valleys. The soft forms evoke an internal sense of calm and meditation.

Many of her landscapes are created on location and refined in the studio relying on the experience of each working method to complete the work. Once away from the location, the memory of the event and her knowledge of visual expression dominate the work. The artist relates that "the work now becomes what I want to say - not a copy of what I saw." Influenced by the philosophy of ink painting; mentally forming the work then spontaneously constructing the work allows for the greatest enthusiasm and spirit visible in the painting.

Alexia’s work can be found at The Middle Street Gallery,, which is part of an art community at Rappahannock Central – 3 River Lane, Sperryville, VA. Located at the base of the mountains.

Please visit her website at: for more images and information on ordering Artist Edition Prints made, by the artist, in her Falls Church Studio.

Upcoming exhibitions: Ratner Museum, Bethesda, MD June 2012
Solo Show – NIH Gallery, Bethesda, MD Sept. – Nov. 2012
Middle Street Gallery – Members Shows in 2012